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BE AFRAID!!!!!! BE VERY AFRAID!!!!! I was on a hiking trip and I discovered a phenomenal cliff about 150' drop with a majestic waterfall. There were numerous unicorns, friendly forest sprites to many to count, and a gathering of the wee folk and fairies unlike any before. As I gazed over the breathtaking precipice of the waterfall, trying to snap a selfie with the view, this damn Samsung app appeared like a malicious warlock and pushed me over the edge!!!!!! Thank the Makers that the Push app apparently pushed a magical cloud underneath me to stop my fall. Whew, I'm not sure it will always push something under me after pushing me to my death but thanks ALOT Samsung. I am now on a quest to slay a dragon , rescue the good witch, and have her perform the ancient spell of removal and useless app BLOCKING upon my phone. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US!! Well done!!

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