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Love the convenience and security of using my Samsung Pay. It works EVERYWHERE, its funny to have the cashier tell me over and over, "our system will not take a phone payment, " only to have them in shock when it does work! I thing it has convinced a.couple of merchants into Samsung phones themselves! Works perfectly

Best pay app. So much more convenient then getting my wallet out and fumbling thru cards. Being able to scan in membership cards is super handy for easy access when checking out. Rewards for using it are the cherry on top! Fantastic

This is one of the best apps I've used, been using this app for a while now works great only one issue theirs no contact info if I have an issue like my point stopped going up at 2080 an I've made like ten purchases after reaching that point and it hasn't given me any points sense. Amazing!

I wasn't sure it was working so, I pulled my card out and zing!!!! The payment had gone through and the transaction information was available to me immediately. Worth it!

Update. After trying my new phone on the app. It still only works when and if it wants. Again it's not the phone, I'm now using it on my S9+, with exactly the same issues. So after using S7 edge, S8+ and now S9+ I would have to say this is more of a gimmic than a useful APP. I am going to uninstall it If I can and give Google pay a try. It's very embarrassing when it fails which is often. Other friends using this app have the same complaints. These issues are not user error it will work on one terminal one day and not work on the same terminal the next time you use the same terminal. It did save me one day while at Lowes. I was at checkout paying for a refrigerator, I had left my wallet in my truck, thankfully the app worked and I paid with my phone. The next attempt at Lowes on another day it would not work even after trying numerous times. Old review, Been using for a while. Its fun when it works which is less than half the time. This is why I lowered my rating to 2 stars. It is not the phone it just does not always go through. Its hit or miss. I will only attempt using it if no one is behind me in line. Messages comes up card declined and sometimes says use another card depends on who's system I'm trying to use. I would use it 100% of the time if it would work more reliably. Works great

This is the best form for paying, it has worked for me flawlessly. I've played even on the oldest machines people look at me with surprise. I love when a cashier says "We don't accept that type of payment, it's not gonna work, people have already tried it and it doesn't work". Then I try it and it works, they have the stupidest face hahaha. Love the app. love it

Useful but annoying trying to know the sweet spot on every terminal. Some will reject tap to pay, then some will reject magnetic and say insert card. Last is chip reader but you got to find the sweet spot. Big name stores are easier. I kind of wish all terminals were all the same. But I use Samsung pay every day even know I might have to try 2 or 3 times because of annoying sweet spot on the terminal Well done!!

Have used it Samsung pay for about a week and I haven't had any issues. Clean, simple and works well as far as I can tell. Surprisingly

By far the most useful tool for Samsung users. This takes your phone to the next level....! Download it, you'll love it!!! Pretty good

Phenomenal! So fast and easy to use. And - even though it's been out for quite some time now - it's still very cutting edge technology. I'm often the first one to use this form of payment at various businesses and it's really cool to see the look on people's faces when I pay with my phone literally anywhere! So easy to manage accounts. Just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up with this awesome tech! Works perfectly

I'm still learning and a little nervous to "trust" not having my card on me but the app convenient and is very easy to use. I Love it!! Fabulous!

Love the convenience of this app! I've misplaced my debit card a couple of times and this saved me! Highly Recommend.

The people who say there's constant notifications just don't know how to use their phones. For the longest time, I didn't want to use an app like this, because I didn't see the point, and when I didn't use it, I was able to turn off the notifications. Now, however, I use it all the time and it's really handy because I work in an area where I'd prefer not to carry a wallet or cash so just having my phone on me and an ID is perfect and this app works great!!! love it

Mostly great but need to fix Visa Checkout. I already have a Visa Checkout account but Samsung Pay prefilled my information and there's no option to log in with an existing account. Until that is fixed I won't be able to use this feature, since it just errors out. Worth it!

Fastest and most secured way of making payments. The most important thing I like is that we can add multiple cards and in one single swipe we can change the payment options. I got accepted in many local stores here in Houston. Now I am always count on the app and not even carrying all my cards when travelling or shopping Superb!

Works pretty good for the most part. Took me a bit to figure it since I never watched a tutorial and was my first time using a payment app Not bad

Great app that worked somewhat well with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, but it works incredibly FAST, ACCURATE and more sensitive with the S9 Plus model... EXCELLENT example of Samsung's product-improvement initiatives. They obviously recognized improvement was needed with this app and/or the hardware that drives it, utilized their PI methodologies and made a great product even GREATER! GOOD JOB, Samsung! Please let me become a beta tester for your products, as me, my partner and our business, Technical Cyber Solutions, LLC are working diligently on creating Amazon Alexa Skills and IFTTT Applets... any projects you want to throw our way would be great! wow lol

Haven't found a place it doesn't work yet and I've been experimenting and it seems like it works even places that doesn't advertise or acknowledge they have it anywhere with a magnetic card slide reader it works at least as I said it seems Flawless

Best Mobile Payment hands down. Works everywhere + amazing points. Have stopped using physical card almost 90%. Must have

Sam pay has worked @ probably 95% of the places ive tried it. It's easy and fast. I like paying without taking out my wallet. I wish I was able to use it @ the gas station without having to go inside Works great

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