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Very good app. Can I recommend that an update be made that enables the addition of a song to two play lists at the same time. Currently, I tried to add one song to two play lists of my preference and just had to repeat the first process all over gain. Just an idea to improve performance and efficiency. Worth a go!

SAMSUNG PLASE HELP ME, Can you give me back the ROOM SIZE setting for the equilizer...Please I need need the spund effect.I love the old version That got in the NOTE 2 Sound setting,which is can set the ROOM SIZE and More. Marvelous

Wish that edge screen lighting would be able to read more color from the track and plz be more option of speed plz And also I'd like it if I can have the option of turn Edge Screen Lighting when playing music on and off out of the app Highly Recommend.

it was alright, but the fact that it can only play 10000 songs is stupid, just be able to shuffle all songs no matter the total amount of songs. Plus you can't even add anything into the favorites anymore without it just disappearing within 5 seconds, but the 10000 limit is stupid. Flawless

The only problem i face with this app is that when the phone is connected with an aux wire and you are playing some song and you wanna record a video with the song playing behind. But it just does not happen. Audio is not there Muito bom!

Its a very kool one overall, just that the EQ controls are kind of odd... and also guys, the issue with some genres not showing up like: Salsa Genre, is still there, please fix this... is very important!!! Marvelous

It's ok but it pauses randomly, especially over Bluetooth connection but a lot more lately when just using headphones. Also runs in the background a lot longer than it used to after exiting. Enjoy it!

Pls fix my issue always playing song when i connect to my car Bluetooth also i connect via bluetooth not show the artist name in my audi q7 2017 car Good

This is the best Music Player available for Android. It has Simple UI, Folder support and an amazing Equailizer. A galaxy device is not complete without it. I love it and will highly recommend it. Pretty good

Nice ui Samsung please add an option to auto download album art and song details Must have

Great music player. Everything you need to play you mp3's and other music formats. Only tweak it needs is after SD card removed or after update the playlists remove your songs. You can still see the playlists but it shows no songs under them meaning that you have to add them each time which is annoying. Apart from that it's a great app for music. Used an S6 and above. Perfect

Usually Samsung's baked in apps are garbage (poor design decisions, confusing localization) but this music app is actually very good. It has a very clean interface, the auto EQ settings are very useful and the ability to tweak and override the automated settings is nice. Recommend

I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 , and I previously had the LG G3 the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S7. I have used both built in music apps on my previous phones and this one is by far the best. Easy to use simple and fast, and great controls for different ways to listen to your music. Best music app I've ever used! Not bad

There's a bug with SoundAlive. I have settings selected there, but sometimes it doesn't kick in until I visit the settings for it. Please fix this. The new notification behaviour kind of annoys me. Could we have a setting to change this? Thanks. Go well

Was a 5 star app until the update that removed the alphabet bar in the tracks area. That took it from being the best music player app to like every other crappy music player app out there. Hope they will listen to the opinions of people in the reviews now, and return this app to its former glory one day soon love it

Its great but this all needs more sort options and make it easier move them. (Make a new custom sorting just by tapping on songs in right order ) also you could sync Recent songs with smart switch .because it's really messy after restoring my backup Just wow

Dont make major changes, this app works well. My family and I are very pleased as my 4 year old can even use the app to listen to her playlist Superb!

Best Music App Among All Android! It has great functionality and response, It's also simple to use! Awesome app! 5 star

Please enhance your volume n bass please i was user of sony they have very awsomee sound volume and bass... please enhance it Muito bom!

Fairly standard music player. The default setup is rubbish but it's easy to make it look good. Default album view is by date which I like. Omg

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