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I'm a loyal customer of Samsung cellphones for many years and I'm very happy because of that. My actual cellphone is the S9 and all the features and specs are amazing. I'll keep my loyalty to Samsung even with other products. Worth it!

It's mostly common sense, but for those who are new or not tech savvy this app is a must have. Easy to use and navigate, clean set up and layout. Just remember to turn off notifications. Cool

I like thatit runs diagnostics check ups and lets me know if there's an issue or potential issue that needs attention, even suggesting it may be time to restart my phone. There's always an accompanying explanation for why it's needed, as well as instructions for how to resolve issues to extend the life of not only the battery, but the ohone itself. A great app. I highly recommend it to everyone with a Samsung phone. I'm still using my Galaxy S5 and when he time comes that I need to upgrade, it will be to another Samsung phone and it will definitely have this app installed. Omg

Extremely informal on things I really need to know. But didn't know where to look .. Pretty good

Cleans not needed files on my phone quickly. Good battery optimizer. Thanks for battery saving tips! Flawless

Very fine indeed... i like the smell of brothers and sisters in the morning... goodnight ... baby arm holding a few things... Surprisingly

I want to reiterate my current rating & review. I love this app. I am truly one with my phone now; ergo a better and much more organized version of me. Muito bom!

I wasn't aware of many of my phone's capabilities until I opened this app today! It is extremely helpful and really teaches you how to maximize your phone's capabilities to fit what your specific needs are so that it is personalized for YOU to have the ultimate experience from your specific phone! This is GREAT! Amazing!

Good app, very informative on how to use your phone. I recently switched from iPhone the last Galaxy I had was the S3, so there have been big changes since then. Thanks for the help in getting back into Galaxy! Omg

Could not get my calendar data to transfer over to S9+ so had to manually do it. Unable to get all input due to time constraints. Not happy. Pretty good

I have been searching for this since I switched from my Apple 4, but AT&T just does what they want to do, and they don't tell you about SAMSUNG Works great

I love Samsung. I've tried other products, (other phone's that is) and I always want my Samsung. Just a great phone product, no matter which or you choose. Brilliant

In my life I met a couple witches, think Ima wizard, hot as desert critters, cooking gizzard, liquor like a lizard...Giggity Giggity Awesome

Nothing to write bout Samsung, that's why can't complain bout it's to good! "Perfection All On it's Own" Not bad

The first place to go in order to find the features of the S8/S8+ and the proper way to use these features! Go well

I learned a few new tricks about my phone.great app but if someone doesn't like to read this app os out of the question. Muito bom!

It's so easy, even a caveman can do it . Any and all info you can possibly want is here...or so it was for me. Worth a go!

I love how informing it is and easy to find what you're looking for . I recommend it!! Awesome

Mostly loved this phone except the gallery features could be improved and as of 2 days ago my contacts had different text tones which was VERY important to me. Now the only option is selecting ringtones. Everyone's text tone is the same. Option is gone to do anything about it. Texting is one of the biggest things someone does with their phone. Why was this feature removed in this last update? So disappointed. love it

This has taught me some things that i still didn't know after having my phone for almost a month now!THANK YOU!!! Fabulous!

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