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I am using j7 prime, and max opera is there by default. Now I see this version which seems upgraded, however I am unable to upgrade the version which is on my phone by default. So it seems that I will have 2 max opera on my phone!!!! If I download this version which seems awkward!!!! Please help. Highly Recommend.

A must have on any phone. I used to run through my 10 gigabytes data plan in 2 days flat. constantly on facebook and youtube, I also love to play games, with constant background data. notifications all the time, slowing my phone way down. I'm also active on messenger daily. the worst part is I was constantly turning my data off when not in use in an attempt to save data. 3 days and it was gone. installed Opera Max and decided to put it to the test. Left my data on full force non stop. installed all the games I had time to play. Fell in love with Facebook again. it's been a month and a half and I'm at about 6.74 gigabytes. Never have to turn my data off again. Muito bom!

Please stop changing the UI. Its like I am using a different app every time I update this. Muito bom!

I wish you would enable YouTube play back with screen off like Chrome and Firefox. Also a built in VPN like the desktop version. I am having problems exiting full screen mode on YouTube as well. It also lacks the option to save pages to PDF. I love the UI. Omg

I am using j7 prime, and max opera is there by default. Now I see this version which seems upgraded, however I am unable to upgrade the version but when I install it I have two opera max running on my device. Help!!!! Not bad

this app was very good before, but now seizes all my network, not working proper again love it

ive bee using this for a week and it really does work..dropped my data consumption for like 30-40%..i love it Pretty good

Good at saving. i have the opera mini browser and i noticed that when this app is activated my google search is defaulted to another language. When i deactivate max, it turns back to english Great job

Very wonderful APP,saves data effectively and enables to choose which app to all to use data. Pls I highly recommend it. Fantastic

This is the best data compression apps, actually for great internet connection, 2G and lower will result in 'no connection' at all... Highly Recommend.

Look like you guys got some improvement lately, i will raise star for now... i hope in future will be better than now Enjoy it!

It'll be nice if it can work at the same time with Opera VPN. Got both Opera VPN and Opera Max, but won't work at the same time. I can save data but am not safe from ad trackers. Wish you could help me with it. Perfect!

I like this app but it hinders my internet usage a great deal... Really slows down my internet and that's kind of irritating... Works great

I am quite satisfied with the opera max app. It does for me everything I had expected and more. Recommend

The new method of it been timed makes it frustrating. It should just have on and off option. Timing makes me wanna delete it. Superb!

I am really very happy opera max stops all the data of all those faltu (फालतू) apps and I can save more data .Thanks for the good job Works great

The app is so good it's save most of the data.but the problem is in YouTube,play store takes lagging,it takes time to reload.I'm not comfortable with it,but while using browser I loved it.but try to manage YouTube or something. Works perfectly

Add some (Ad - Tracker - Pop-Up Blocker) and Hide IP and Mac and add latest update database and add custom database. I need fast update and new ui soon Just wow

It's says all my apps are encrypted even Instagram and WhatsApp !! It works on them before great but now it doesn't!! Please tell me why Just wow

Love this so much, it's so satisfying to add more time for free! Only, please don't have the VPN on while watching YouTube, the video quality drops to 144p and still buffers. **edit** - Can't use data at all when this is on Superb!

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