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Too much regional skinning by samsung. Not comfortable with forced news on the home screen. Feels like unnecessary content is being thrown at you. Enjoy it!

Great app simple but all what you need. Samsung is just making everything more amazing when the time goes by love it :) Great job

Almost everything works as it should be, the only drawback is the ad blocker plugins designed for this browser which they cannot do their job or mostly crash. Fabulous!

Fast, secure, very easy to use. Samsung must have spent a big coin developing this browser and it shows. Superb!

This is really a great browser, I love it! Very fast, adblocker, dark theme, the optin to watch every video in a floating pop up and other cool features. What I'd love to see in future updates: 1. An option to set a homepage that opens on app startup. I don't want to see the last page I visited! if it's important I'll save it to my bookmarks. I want all the open tabs to close when I exit the app and have a "fresh" start everytime I open the browser. This is the most annoying thing on all mobile browsers (besides Firefox and Dolphin, which offer this option). 2. An option to change YouTube video resolution to HD. 3. A Paste & Go option in the address bar when having a URL in the clipboard. 4. A "Recently Closed Tabs" section under History. Go well

Edit: can you please add the possibility to not immediately go to the tab opened? Thanks Just WOW, an app that offers ALL the accessibility features that I need, such as font adjustments, yellow-on-black high contrast, proper night mode / inversion. And works smoothly and very quick. Only I could wish for more would be reflow of the text when magnifying the text (i.e. zoom out with fingers), and maybe increase text to 250%. All in all, you just substantially improved my life!! Brilliant

Best browser if u use samsung. It use a lot samsung features like auto signin using biometrics, play video in the web into native video app, and so on Surprisingly

Excellent browser. What I enjoy the most is the high contrast mode with a pitch black background perfect for Amoled displays (and not grey, which is extremely annoying). Just one thing needs to be changed. Which being the irritating scroll to the top button obstructing the full screen view. Please remove it or add an option to either enable or disable it at ones' own liking. Thank you. Cool

Best internet browser in my opinion. Packed with features, yet still snappy. Works great

I'm happy that samsung keeps their browser up to date. It works great with adblock. Unfortunately the browser can be laggy and stuttery. The tabs management is also terrible.... Edit: Gave an other start because of the genius who though about dimming the keyboard brightness when night mode is on. Excellent idea. Enjoy it!


This app crashes like hell in my device. It repeatedly shows " internet has stopped working ". I tried clearing memory from settings also but all in vain . And why you guys added UC news in the quick access it is a rubbish step to downgrade the level of this. Remove UC news from quick access and fix the crashing of app. Also you have not updated this app since April please do so. Surprisingly

I don't do social media so I can't tell you how any of those features work or even if they are present. It gets me online and to the sites I need. It works, and I don't have to think about making it work. Superb!

My favourite is FireFox, but recently, it's just got to be too big, slow, and won't go to SD anymore. I started using this instead of Chrome (DISABLED). While this may have some base on Chrome, I feel it's a bit more secure. I like the quick access feature in the address bar. Navigation with this browser is pretty easy once you sort it out. There's still some things I have to figure out yet, but so far, this is an ideal replacement for FireFox and superior to Chrome. I gave it 4 stars as there's some things that either are hard to find, or just not there. I'll update this review as I find them. All in all, I do like this factory browser. It's fast, lite, and doesn't eat space or CPU. Pretty good

Love this application and is default in my phone. Well there is one request, please remove the integration of "UC NEWS". It is full of clickbaits providing no relevant news. Or integrate something better like "THE HINDU" or others. Also when downloading large files using inbuilt download manager, the app stops responding for a minute (Galaxy J7 Prime). Lastly thank you for making such an awesome app. Pretty good

Ever since the update I have been unable to download anything via the internet - it seems to get to a certain percent then stops. And it has happened on two separate devices so I know it isn't the device itself. Other than that, it works fine for everything else I need it for. Highly Recommend.

There is a recent change where long tapping photos, now brings up a different menu, it highlights the file name but not the connector .jpg. Why the change, is this caused by samsung internet or FB that has been making a lot of changes recently? THANKS Muito bom!

In the recent earlier version you released a feature which was quite necessary. If i am watching a video and suddenly if screen gets locked or i swapped back to some other application why does the video starts from start it should start from where i left.Now u have removed that feature.Please add that feature it was necessary... Go well

I am a Samsung fanboy from the day I start using Android. I want Samsung to be the best. Samsung apps are doing great in the market like S health, note, pen up, VPN, and many more. But when it comes to the browser I use UCBrowser because it's more user-friendly compared to other browsers even the Chrome. Multi-Task, multi-tabs should be easily accessible it's hard to open one date to another tab. If you want to be the one then work on your User experience it should be simple and better you can add like a VPN, Different extensions in your browser. Menu, settings icon should be on the bottom side. It's hard to reach the top. I appreciate Samsung browser has shortcut Like night mode and others. The appearance of Samsung browser should be more cartoons and colorful as Samsung experience. It should be made for mobile users not for desktop user as Uc Browser. I hope you would do that. Fantastic

It's a upgraded version of an older chrome. Listen, this browser is a good browser and Samsung have made it better. The reason I'm going back to Chrome is this browser isn't built by Samsung, only modified. On PayPal I get update browser as your using an old version. I'm using the latest version but it must be open sauced for older versions. Decided to end my use and return to Chrome. It doesn't look as good but is faster and will let me receive my forgot password on PayPal. Amazing!

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