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Solution for discovery & connectivity issues If user is experiencing discovery / connectivity issues please set router subnet mask to and IP to range. This should resolve any issues. Apologies for inconvenience caused. Fabulous!

Great app! There's no sound however and it doesn't seem to detect sound, regardless of location. I use my audio only baby monitor to hear or see when the lights are blinking and can see him from my phone. It runs for three minutes or so and needs to be opened again by tapping view. The light assistance however is only the red light and it really hasn't helped me. Granted the flash as a light wouldnt be adequate for an infant monitor, but if used as a security system, don't expect to see your burglar lol Four stars for great app but the sound and poor light.. Its' mobile only, would love to have it for my computer as well.. Go well

No continues streaming Would rate the app 5 stars if it would not turn off the stream after 3 minutes and you must manually activate it again. Why not leave the option to view permanent the video and sound to the customer and build that into the app?

Works good I have a s6 active and it pairs up very well with my wb350 camera. I use it to watch my birds during the day. It would be very useful to have video and audio at the same time.

Great video streaming Needs audio to be streamed too. It only show video but no sound. It goes like on standby if no sound is detected and if it detects sound it turns back on.

Video works perfectly, but lacks sound Using the app with my old Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab S and Lenovo tablet. The video functionality is perfect, we can watch the little one and turn the WBF350's orange night light on once the lights are off. The app detects sound to send notifications to the app, so why not have the ability to watch the video with the sound? Only the video is streamed, not the audio, which seems a massive oversight as babies may cry for a split second and be restless before falling back asleep without attention. Add audio stream!!

Set up Baby Monitor on Samsung MX mini camera and Smart Android Phone The connection worked excellent with my Samsung NX mini camera and my Smart phone Alps N9002 (Android Version 4.3). I am really poor on how to set up electronic devices but after reading camera instruction, I got it worked the very first time, I am really surprise how easy it was.

Smasung home monitor The big idea and i love that's , god bless you ! . Hugs , Kiss , & Love : albert amelard ♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡***** .

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