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Okay, so I uses this about a couple months ago and it was amazing especially the step counter. I got a new phone and just found this app again, and I started using it, but the thing is that the step counter is off by ALOT. I was testing it out, and I was at 84 steps, then I put my phone in my pocket took 3 steps and all of a sudden I was up at 99. I was testing it because I put in in my pocket like 1 mins prior, and I didn't move or anything and it went from 34-84 steps. If you could fix it that would be amazing and I will change my review up to 5 stars. I love this app I really do, but it would just be really helpful if you fixes it, thank you. love it

I like the app, it has a lot of great features. We had issues with the calorie portion of the app where you are always over your calories allowed even when you hadn't eaten anything. The only other issue we experienced was that the app told me I can have 3000 calories a day and lose weight... NOT TRUE. Other than that we love the app but due to the above, I have switched to a new app (which links back to this app but has better calorie control). Muito bom!

I love my Samsung health app. Having a glitch that I hope they fix soon. When I add my weight each morning it duplicates my entry randomly through the day anywhere from 24 -75 times! It doesn't hurt anything, just looks like I weigh myself constantly Perfect!

I use Samsung Health everyday to track my steps and weight. It is easy to understand and use and provides all I need to keep me informed of my progress towards better health. The only downside is that I am not able to include any more than 100 foods that I eat and I then need to choose something similar in calories. A great app!!! Highly Recommend.

The app is very good in general. I wish it allowed to add more specific activities to the gear s3 frontier and that the step challenges were more accurate showing actual steps completed rather than regressing the apparent loser to the beginning of the day or last time the winner synced. I like thw conceptual functionality, but the winning margins are just completely innaccurate. It would be nice to have multiple user competitions. Great!

Enjoy this to help with my step or to get me started on a 5k or 10k plan for running. Overall I enjoy it. Do wish that if doing a workout that is part of the plan that you can manually add or adjust because sometimes you can't always have your phone going during part of the workout. Or lose signal or battery life. Fabulous!

It's really helped me build up my walking from basically nothing. The fact that you can challenge your friends is great as it's pushing me to do more than I would have before. Brilliant app! Marvelous

I found this app very motivating for me. It's nice to know what you have been to throughout the day. The only thing that frustrates me is the leaders' steps counts in Global challenge. It's unrealistic for a person to have more than 150 000 steps a day. Please fix this and let everyone to take part in fair challenge. Thank you. Works perfectly

I am doing the Run 5K program and when it asks you to run at a certain speed the units are km/h. It would be better to ask for a pace in min/km as the app tells you your pace not speed. Also the Run 10K program has same issue. Apart from this it is a really great app Edit: Realised you can display speed in km/h so no issue Highly Recommend.

Although I like the app, it takes it upon itself to continuously and repeatedly enter the weight that I entered earlier. Can you make it stop doing that? It's really frustrating that I enter the weight once but I have to delete it 34 times because they're duplicates! Recommend

The Sleep Data shows an excellent example of calculating weekly averages. It calculates the averages of last seven days, rather than only a calendar week. I suggest that this type of running averages should be a norm for other programs, particularly the Steps Data. The only unfortunate thing about the Sleep Data is that sometimes it says "data not available" though it can be verified that complete information is available. Works perfectly

I found it extremely helpful for recording foods. It encourages me a lot in my quest for losing weight. The training programmes look interesting. I love doing the global step challenge! The only downfall I see ate the counting of the steps. Swinging your arm with the phone in your hand counts as a step! Fabulous!

I mainly use it for step tracking with my smart watch and it works well. The global challenges help keep me on track though I find it hard to believe that other users are putting over 1.5 million steps on in a month. My only point of criticism is that the smart workout tracker will think I'm cycling while driving occasionally. Aside from that it's quite good. Surprisingly

The app tends to go to sleep after a while, so there daily steps aren't always accurate. But I'm addicted to the monthly walking challenges. Though it looks like some users are cheating the app. The new addition of participants statistics is fun, especially seeing the most walking country Good

I like this app a lot! Unfortunately, I've had lots of problems with the app getting stuck in measuring my heart rate/stress. It will get to 95% done and never finish. I've checked my sensor and it's working fine. I've uninstalled, rebooted, and reupdated my app and still no success. Not sure what's wrong at this point love it

Yay! My heart rate monitor wasn't working correctly so I left a 3 star review. Then, I was contacted telling me how to fix my issue! I love this app so it's back to 5 stars from me! Recommend

I am doing the Run 5K program and when it asks you to run at a certain speed the units are km/h. It would be better to ask for a pace in min/km as the app tells you your pace not speed. I realise there is that animation and a verbal warning but the recommendation itself is useless in km/h if you dont know your speed in km/h. Also the Run 10K program has same issue. Apart from this it is a really great app Superb!

I have been using this application for a few months now to record my steps and it was working perfectly. Then suddenly with the latest android update the pedometer has stopped recording my steps. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I also tried going through settings and clearing my cache. Even when I googled solutions that say to add it to my "unmonitored apps" under battery in device maintainence, there is no 'pacer' or 'samsung S health' being available for selection. If this problem is fixed I have no problem giving the App a 5 star rating but as is, its pretty useless right now since it is no longer counting my steps. Surprisingly

Recently the heart rate monitor will not work and it will detect my heart beat endlessly but never tell me what it is. The stress test will load to 95% and never finish either. I will Just wow

This is a wonderful app. I really love the feature of counting calories..With the help of this app I have been able to achieve my goal of losing weight. The only issue I found is, it doesn't work with bands of other brands. Recommend

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