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Halp! Stuuuuuuuck!! It keeps getting stuck at the choose the brands I like screen and won't let me bypass it, just continously loading... Worth it!

Needs some tweaking and correct hairshow or event times. I showed up to a hairshow in Hershey on Sunday that wasn't actually going on all day like time said. I had to cancel 6 appointments Monday to be able to attend the show. I was very upset. The other issue is it closes when you save an event. The shopping list should be Salon Centric's actual inventory to click on with quantity to send to the store. Not actually having to hand type each item and they may not know what it is. Perfect!

Love! I love this app, my only con would be getting to the shopping a bit easier. But love everything else! Good

Love the app Also Love the girls that work hard at the port saint Lucie FL store. They are always friendly helpful. They are amazing. Just wanted to give them a big shout out to Highly Recommend.

Love it Love all the deals and that I can look at ads but wish more of my sites classes were listed so that I didn't have to go in to see what is being offered Works perfectly

Soooo much!! There is sooo much to offer on this app!! Sales, rewards, education, etc. I can email my homestore a list in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon!! I can see at a glance what time the store opens and closes along with what stores are around me! Superb!

Good to know what's going on I love shopping. What's even better is to know when the things I love are having a special and I can plan accordingly. Great!

The Best! This is where Salon Centric beats out all other distributors! I can use coupons, rewards, shopping lists and see inspirational pictures!! I also really like how my member card is now only needed to scan off my phone cause that saves room in my wallet!! Enjoy it!

Great app for Hairstylists Preferred place for buying supplies and great having everything atyour finger tips. Awesome

Loved it the app, have a suggestion... The way you enter birthday was cumbersome, although cute! Took longer than expected to actually get to mine with the right year, it would be much faster to type it in. Other than that its really great! Well done!!

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