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It's pretty cool and has great graphics. However, I think the tour should be longer and there should be less ads. Otherwise, it was great. Amazing!

I liked it, definitely not the best graphics but that doesn't bother me that much Cool

I really like the simplicity of just enjoying the ride, and the graphics are great! I just wish at times you could control the speed of the vehicle. Enjoy it!

This is the peat game I have ever played Fabulous!

چرابرنامه های سکس رااین همه با فیلتر وقفل هزار دوزوکلک باید یاد گرفت شایدموفق بشه ببینیم کمی راحتتربکنید مردم رابیشتروسواس میکنید wow lol

I really like it Just wow

Meh its kinda blurry but the wolves do not sound like that so made my ears ring thank you very much Fabulous!

It was the best VR game I've ever downloaded! I mean, the graphics sucked, but it was cute and unlike most vr games, i could move my head! Awesome!!! Marvelous

It's a really nice game and pretty realistic. I hate the pop up videos but that's what u get with free apps. Superb!

Absolutely beautiful graphics. However, injecting adds in about every minute of viewing, is a downer. I'm not one of those that complain about unobstructed adds. Some, to me, are actually pleasant to quickly gaze, at times. But certainly, in my opinion, this is an overkill. Brilliant

Pretty amazing It is amazing but there's more..... It gets boring after awhile. It just walks around and you can run into animals. Best app but gets boring after awhile. So yay!!!! Hope this was helpful. Perfect

Good (ZTE zmax 2) It is pretty good and it works for me and I don't have a gyroscope, the animals and stuff are sorta buggy but it was still a cool experience to play. Pretty good

Absolutely amazing This is absolutely awesome! It feels so real! I really enjoy this app! Don't pay much attention to the bad reviews. You should totally get this app! Fantastic

It is going to be good because it is the top one so I love it even if it view not work Enjoy it!

Awesome The game was very cool because you could really drive and most games you cant do that Recommend

Great The car turns weird and the animals make weird sounds but other than that it had no problem with ads on mine. It is fun. 5 star

Nice Rebecca Mcee it is not a game it is a vr game that's why it has 2 screens it is just a game tour you are not the driver it is just a trip:) Worth it!

The scenery and animals are blocky. The scenery looks good, but quite blocky. The response to head movement is far too slow. Gives a dizzy feeling.

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