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Fix glitches then I'll give 5 stars On some puzzles it won't let you place items in the correct place, unless you press hint?!!! Everything else graphics gameplay etc is the bees knees Cool

Tempted to give 4 stars but... The gameplay is solid and the price is half of G5 games. This is a lot of fun but it crashes on my tablet. This would usually be a deal breaker but the save options keep me from ever having to repeat. This is a lot of fun. Perfect

Great story Very good game but a bit of a memory hog. Near the ¾ mark it hung and boggs down but not a major issue. Works great

Amazing, but it does seem have 1 issue. I love this game immensly & have downloaded it on my computer & Iphone a while back. I recently got an android & immediately downloaded this as soon as I found it was available on the play store. The only problem is I can't seem to open the app & as much as that frustrates me I still have to give this a five star rating due to how much I enjoyed it in the past. If the developers would take time the time to look into this I'm sure we would all be very greatful. Worth it!

Great game. Excellent story line, though I am not too sure about the ending. Art work beautiful. Please work on controls they are not very good and really take the enjoyment out of game at times. With the ending I hope there is a sequel. I would like to see a happier ending for him. Highly Recommend.

Sacra Terra Great game - Good graphics with cool atmospheric soundtrack. I played this on my Ipad 3 and this version on android runs just as smooth and without error. Running Jelly Bean 4.1.2 on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Would recommend to any HOG fan. Note : I hope Alawar release the 2nd game in this series Sacra Terra Kiss of Death. Works perfectly

Brilliant! A perfect combination of adventure and hidden object game. Great hires graphics, good story and puzzles, challenging hidden object scenes. The game is unusually long (for an Android title). A PC quality title, worth the money - recommended! Perfect

HTC Desire c This game is fairly good but the writing is far to small to read. There are a lot of hidden object games and not enough puzzles. It's also fairly long which is good! Cool

Amazing! Alawar Entertainment, thanks for making such top-notch games. Graphics, story, entertainment level, interactive aspects and puzzles are the best. All bases covered. Brilliant

Very good game really enjoying the game good story Just having trouble with the drunk demon, wont accept the silver figures into the pot. I dont want to re start game so please fix Not bad

Great game The first time I loaded it on the free game, paid to upgrade it took my money but wouldn't upgrade, even though it told me I had paid, so I installed the paid game from the beginning, and fingers crossed so far so good. Good job its a cheap game, really enjoying it, some objects don't always respond straight away, but other than that well worth a play Omg

Wow! Really a great game! This is one of those games that really keeps you on your seat. The ending is definitely not what you expect. Great one guys! Plays well on my Samsung Galaxy pro tablet 12.2. 5 star

Buggy! Enjoying this but every so often it chucks me out & back to the start screen. It does save whilst it`s doing this or I would be rating this at a lower level. Enjoy it!

Another Great Game This was so worth the price it was a long game. Plenty to do good story kept me busy for many hours. I was surprised how long this game was. I played all the way through without putting it down. Pretty good

Wonderful game! It was one of my favorite HO games I have played on my android! It was a decent lenght and looked great it had an interesting plot and it had an even ammount of HO and puzzles! Well worth the money! Now when do us android users get Sacra Terra Kiss of Death? We cant let the PC users have all the fun! Muito bom!

Like it For some reason everything is very little & only certain things can b enlarged (pics only) so it really is hard to figure out game play. It could b the type of phone game is on...if I was able to enlarge pics & words I would have been much happier. Just wow

Can't finish the game at no fault of my own The game is stock. I'm meant to combine two objects to create an axe but when I drag the axe to the sick the axe does not reach!!!! So now I can't finish the game I paid for!!!! Not happy at all!!! Uninstalling because of the bug. Awesome

Excellent Game First review I've ever done. Loved this game!!! Would give 5 stars except game closes and restarts several times but it always saves my place. Definitely recommend. wow lol

Beautiful graphics.... Yet it is lacking. I usually love games like these but this one cannot seem to engage me like other Alawar games (esp twisted lands trilogy & mountain crimes) I am trawling through the game as I paid for it but tbh I wont be pkaying it again. Oh & its abit glitchy, it needs some bugs fixing. Well done!!

Sacra Terra Angelic Night Very good on the HOG and mini games. Good graphics but dark. Farely long story. Story line was a little screwy. It made sense to about the half way mark but after that many things were not resolved and then all of a sudden when you think you were at the end it like seems to start all over. It was confusing. And then the real ending, I think, was flat. Good

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