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The Best! For me this is the best unit converter app. It isn't a memory eater and it is very handy, I recommend it to everybody.

Works great Looks and works great. Haven't run into any issues so far. Only thing I'd like to see is widgets for quick calculations.

Nice app You should be able to arrange the tiles in what order suits you best. It's annoying to scroll down everytime I want to convert my country's currency to euros or dollars when it could be much easier to have it pinned among the first in the list.

Please change to material design status bar The only not nice is the status bar not material design but instead shadow effect.

Beautiful and functional It almost can replace Convertpad for me, if it allows me to rearrange the units such that my frequently used units can be put at the front.

Nice app but Still you guys can improve it for example some f the conversion rates are not accurate and no barrel in volume conversions etc. Keep it up :)

Need more currencies Great app, but need more carribean, central and south American currencies. Going to Belize next year and need BZD conversions. Also, when I click on a unit to make an entry, I am taken to another screen so that I can type it in, then I have to hit the back button to see the conversions. It's a little convoluted. The conversions should automatically populate. Otherwise, it has everything I need. I have the Galaxy Note 4, not sure if it makes a difference.

Easy to use Simple layout, easy to use. Converts almost everything. Only bad is that it doesn't have so many preinstalled currencies.

Awesome Has absolutely all you need, great app :) only thing I'd add is if you wqnt to change the order of f.e currency, currently it isn't possible, I'd like to have my country currency right next to US dollars and euros :)

Digital storage measurements entirely wrong? All digital storage numbers round off, making them incorrect. Everything else is great. Most useful layout, clean and bright. Love ability to hide unneeded measurements and exchange rates auto-updating upon opening currencies page. Would be awesome if we could customize order of measurements instead of only deleting - for instance, being able to move Japanese yen and Chinese yuan to the top when traveling. Edit: It converts shoe sizes. Sabri, you thought of everything!

Nice Nice and Useful App to enhance android experience. Also liked the fact of small size of app. Further, I would like to say to those people who say digital transfer speed conversion is wrong- Please google- '' 1 Mbps to kbps "

AWESOME!!! This is by far THE best conversion app I've ever seen!! ZERO ads, simple, user friendly & will convert absolutely anything U need!!!

The best converter app! As titled. It does real-time conversions on the spot without intrusion of ads and stuff. Yes Google can do the conversion for you too but this app just blows all others away. The currency conversion are also updated in real time if there's an Internet connection. Making your currency exchange calculations so much better and accurate than those 100% offline apps. A must-gave for any traveller and any smartphone user. A truly "MUST HAVE" app! Keep it up, Developers!

Great, but one major mistake As mentioned again in the comments, the digital storage conversion is wrong. Please fix it on the next update. Thanks.

Excelent app Really good app, very complete, excellent design and it's size is perfect. 100% recommendable

Great app! Modern UI, fast, tons of units to convert to or from, flexible with an option to hide the infrequently used units, and easy on the resources. Good job!

Laughable. I came here to give this app a perfect rating. Then I saw the guy below complaining about how what's effectively a calculator app bricked his phone, and I can't stop laughing. Kudos, Junior Hernandez. Kudos. This is a fantastic app, and I think it's safe to say that it's not physically capable of damaging a device.

Almost perfect Runners need to convert pages: minutes per km and minutes per mile. Thought about adding a "pace" section?

Great but.. It's useful, very very material in every aspects but icons appear in the navigation drawer are not crisp at all. My device is having a xhdpi display. Hope you guys put some hi-res icons soon. I will rate it full then.

Awesome! Awesome and really useful app, with really nice design! But you gotta update the icons for the sidebar, they blur and look really low quality

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