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How to use this feature in J7 series Swip the screen and go to advanced features and tap to view all and enjoy. Awesome

This app is awesome i am run this app in my Samsung Galaxy j7 Max Surprisingly

The concept apparently is very cool. Even the callers understand the person who they are calling is on bike. And even more the update helps by sending automatic msg. Kudos Not bad

It is best to see like a dashboard. If we put the phone on phone stand fitted in bike handle, that covers the dashboard. So if you can show Km\h speed in phone it would be good and best Highly Recommend.

Audio answering mode must be of our choice i.e. "Caller is in class/school/meeting. " Well done!!

Great app.... love it, works fine in my j7 pro. Pls add incomeing person name if its that much urgent call without touching phone while ride.... Good

मैंने भी यूज़ नहीं किया जस्ट डाउनलोड किया मैंने अभी यूज़ नहीं किया है Recommend

Auto call answering problem after enable s bike mode solution please upcoming update Highly Recommend.

Auto call answer problem after enable s bike mode solution please upcoming update Good

Jijo im a handsome guy , i always feared while driving bikes because i have to take care of my physique , which my girl friends love the most !! This application is very useful while driving bike !! Tons and tons of kisses to the creator !! love it

Need more upgrade... and add specific name setup mode or manual typeing system.... wow lol

Can someone please tell me how this app works ? I heard its a very good app. But please tell me how to ise it... My phone is Samsung j5 prime. Please help me. Must have

This app is the reason why I bought Samsung phone even if it was not providing much value for money hardware wise! Great app. Superb!

The distance measured in the 'My Rides' section is INACCURATE!! I ride to my office everyday which is 10 kms. away from home and it shows that i have ridden only 0.7 kms???!!!! Is this how you guys track our distance by enabling the GPS in our phones? If so, that is PATHETIC!! Well done!!

I tried to callmyself after enabling s bike mode. Its says that "Please press 1 if you want to answer call" like that . But no call notification are displayed on screen. Please help Good

Very nice app, for those who does not see app in list, it is shown after click on power button where restart button is shown, see screenshots in read more section, Thanks Worth a go!

Nice app and concept but need one change. It askes to select contacts for smart reply. Rather it should send smart reply to all the callers. It would be more useful. Pls add, if possible Superb!

As per the recent notification it is mentioned that software update released for galaxy A7 2016 users as well but it is showing only uninstall option where as it is not showing in my application list... please fix this issue. Amazing!

Its a rlly amazing app.... totally bike safty related app.... i jst luv to ride with this app... thnk u SAMSUNG Flawless

This app shows how much Samsung care about its customers and people at large! In my 5 years of using Android, this is the most practical app I used! Perfect!

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