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In this my name and my son and daughter birth date is given wrong . So I request to Ryan International School, Greater Noida to make it correct. Go well

This app is very good for a everything that online report card and daily dairy pay fee Highly Recommend.

Much improved apps and very helpful for getting updated information. Thanks a lot. Not bad

It's a wonderful app all updates r regular most useful we appreciate it.THANKYOU. Not bad

It's good to all updates ,mare sitting at home. Earlier we use to get exam syllabus but this year it was not seen. Highly Recommend.

Very nice. Reduces to open the google. Gives all information. The hand also go for this. It does not go to open google ☝ Superb!

Some Functions Do Not Work Plz fix the bug and latest news it's good but I reqq u plz make all the functions work Recommend

It is so useful apps for students in Ryan international school thank you for this app Worth a go!

Not nice for children cause of this thier eyes can be damaged cause of regular uses Superb!

Ryan app is very best app for parent because it keeps notifying them that what is happening in the school 5 star

Why this app needs so many updates? reasons r unclear.Instead School can directly email also. Whats need of such app? Its useless, just bcoz school management r using parents r also using it. Jai Shri Krishna Pretty good

Firstly this is very helpful app. This helps my child to be updated with his notes and school announcement. But two things I want to tell. First is that the announcements that teachers update should also write that it is for their division or class. Secondly is that the school announcements that are updated by the principal,HM or class coordinator, they often update one notice more than 5 times. I hope this will be improved in the next update. Amazing!

Pls include name of mother in fee invoice & receipt as various times it is required for Income Tax purposes.. like getting tution fee rebate in mother's income etc.. Recommend

Nice app still some columns like daily diary,etc are blank. Otherwise, it's helpful. Thank you Brilliant

Unable to pay fees, says merchant id is wrong or payment already in process, etc., please fix Just wow

The detailed receipt of online payment is not available. We need the detailed receipt for Income Tax purpose. Kindly update the app with downloadable receipts that can be printed. Recommend

Its a very nice app by these app i am updated with my childs progress thank you ryan portal app☺☺ 5 star

Fees pay option please arrenge manually not fix...tic market option allow manually.. its always fixed. Please do the need full Well done!!

I think that this app is useful for us so we will get all the information of the school . Thank you ryan school. Works perfectly

Notifications badges are not displayed on App yet. So couldn't know about notices from school on same day wow lol

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