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Most of the running games available in play store are made in association with temple run and temple run oz. This game have a good castle Great job

Do you know that this game is a carbon copy of the game temple run oz "emerald city" place?? Its carbon copy no joke!! I have both the games I can see everything is same except for the colors. Anyways its a great game if u dont want to buy the game but want to enjoy it.... Perfect!

I can send you a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of Superb!

i like this game a lot . But it has a problem tht the ads were distubing me very very much . so i request tht it should be improved very soon Cool

I like this game a lot because it has awesome graphics, it is free and it is at least better than temple run oz which is very costly but it has too many ads. This is the reason I cannot give it five stars. Please stop giving all those ads and I will surely give it five stars. Go well

برنامه خوبی هست . دست شما درد نکنه . شما در توانتان هست بهتر از اینها هم برنامه بسازید باتشکر...! Great job

It is the best free running game but, It has too many ads. I wish it to fix soon.Other things are good. At least it is better than temple run Oz. Which is not free and costs Rs 140.00 Not bad

It is a free 3D running game It is better than temple run Oz. No more comments Superb!

Sweet Love this game very much. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Keep it up Guds. Flawless

The game stop working After playing for a while as usual the game stops, although the game is good. Please solve this error Awesome

I think it is a very very nice game everyone should play it it's a amazing game!!! Superb!

Awesome Amazing game outstanding music very thrilling. I must advice to download this game Cool

Its OK This game is an ok game to many ads to dark i cant even get to 10 seconds without me being dead Surprisingly

Good I'm very impressed of this game.It is a awesome game,who the fool says that it is a worst game,let them go to hell.And find some other games.I also reached the game1478 metres.This game is similar to the game temple run....awesommmmeeee Perfect!

I have completed 1998 just now Who the hell is saying that this game is worst than ever . I want to say that go to hell who is saying it Perfect!

Stop these Ads ! Please stop these Ads .they're so annoying when playing.have to resume the game again and again. Highly Recommend.

Loved it....... It is my 1 of d favourite game.... Surprisingly

Amazing It is a amazing name I love it !! It is not dark at all and it is not a waste of you phone storage ! Pretty good

Very very nice game I am on 10th level and I covered 61581000m distance with 7 crore coins Just wow

Amazingggggggg Who is the man women who is saying that we cannot go above1000 meters I have reach the distance around1965 meters we ,are not saying lie Cool

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