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Game is good. Fun way to run, jump and slide as you collect the coins and level up. Please update more levels 5 star

I like the game for the most part but there's a lot of glitches and it won't let me double tap to get a helmet. Perfect!

I really like this game but can't get past level 17 even though I have 100% completed for it..I've wrote an email to the developer with no reply..please fix for me genera games there's nothing else I can do on the game 5 star

Hi I know I'm going to like this I haven't even tried it yet but I know I'm going to like it yeah I made you know let me see let's go with this this and this Fabulous!

I wish this game was a little bit more developed, but it is a good game overall! Awesome. Must have

This game is so much fun! Keeps my kids entertained for hours on end!! (Amazing for long car rides!!) Worth a go!

It's cool just I was it wasn't so much like subway surfers. It's basically a knockoff so like please change that. Well done!!

I'm finally glad that you fixed the game because now i not stuck on lv 6 I made it to vietnam. Great job

It reminds me of the real movie and i like running games and this is the best one for me. Cool

You can't double tap to use the helmet, need better missions, items are disappearing before you reach it, why can't the game let you use more boost at the same time?, add more areas to run gets boring running the same zones. Works perfectly

I thought that I downloaded the one when forest is in the Superb!

I did a have a problem with saved progress like a touch I had to uninstall the game an start over but good now so far I haven't got back to where I was yet but I love the game Brilliant

Can't get past level 16 I enjoy this game very much and I seem to be stuck on level 16 even though I have completed the mission of sliding under the wood signs in Vietnam over 100x and it's not counting any of them... I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it's just a glitch in the game. Hopefully it's fixed soon. Omg

Its cute I like it, it's funny, fun to play, only problem is when you earn cupcakes, the game never gives them to you..Fix it, and no complaints. Brilliant

Awesome "Absolutely the greatest bar none! Every new phone I have ever gotten, this is the first game I install! I recommend it for everyone." Recommend

Fix it or something I like the game , but it freezes when i finish missions n power up..nd sometimes the characters dont appear, smh 5 star

So angry My forest has disappeared.... not on his lil bench i seriously cant find him... this is so frustrating as i like the game alot.... cant play as none of the characters will appear Go well

Pretty fun This has a new character on especially for independence day. My sister has this game on her tablet and she don't have independence day Forrest on this game. Cool

Can't go pass level 3!! I keep getting stuck on level 3..... Would be a great game if it didn't get stuck Brilliant

Thanks matt Matthew santoro mentioned this game in a video and I checked it out and it is quite fun Must have

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