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I really like this game. Though, I would love to see a mini map somewhere on the screen, or just a map you can equip in general. Also, maybe the map could include where the bosses are located, as well as the normal enemies. Also, I would love to see special events that you can work together with other players to do a certain task/quest. Also, I would also love to see solo and multiplayer missions. Hope to see this in future updates. I really live the game, 5 stars! Perfect

I just started a couple days ago, lvl 30 now. Love the old school feel, and hero development. I would love to see guild's and a chat update. Not yo mention more structured adventures. I can see my self staying for the long haul. Muito bom!

Joystick or d pad would be better. Have market values in items so people can't ask for billions for basic items. Yeah there's a few things to fix but it's a good game overall. Must have

Put a few hours unto the game and so far I love it. There should be more items dropped from enemy's to use for things like potions and crafting. Maybe a few more skills like mining fishing and woodcutting. More character customization as well would be great. Marvelous

I am not a big fan on mobile games but this is amazing. 5stars. But I did bump into a problem. I said in a PvP area I did not want to attack people but they could still kill me and I can't fight back. None the less this is the greatest game ever and I love it. Amazing!

Good game I like it my big brother told me about it. I am at lv 30 I am not good at archery. I have many friends in it. Awesome

Did a short review on instagram @MMOSpecialist. Take a quick look before downloading if your on the fence. Love the look of this classic 2D MMORPG. Found the content to be a little tedious with the straight grinding model. 4.5/5 would recommend to those who like classic grinding type games. Recommend

I like the simplicity and amazingness of this game it is easy to understand unlike some other MMORPG games which have complicated characters. I also think you should add a daily rewards like some coins or weapons if we login everyday or so:) It will make the game better. Pretty good

Really fun game, but gets repetitive. There should be more areas to train to level up. For example levels around fifteen can train in either the desert or goblin areas, but higher levels (40- 55) are stuck having to train at the assassins. The game has ALOT of potential, please add more areas. Events and missions will be fun to, stuff like adding more NPC's to make it like a MMO retro legend of zelda in a way. Go well

Would be better with quests. Also some kind of money and item transfer system between characters would be nice. Like if you want to help your friend(s) out, or want to give stuff to another character you use. Flawless

My only problems with this game is 1. There is no difference in levels for most things. 2. It gets kind of boring having to farm, yet I don't mind it TOOOOO much. Highly Recommend.

Adventure strategy on mobs trading collecting selling to others great community that helps this games gonna grow. Just add some boss raids and like more diff weld like for distance or ranged. Crossbows and daggers. With poison or flame arrows or something. A few element weld for melee and like 2 extra special moves for each class just 2 more wow lol

Needs quests so we have more stuff to do! Also could use more attacks to use. All there is the basic and the special. How boring! It takes forever to grind, takes forever to get gold and drops from monsters. But for some reason, I could play it for long periods of time. Fabulous!

Game is decent overall. The leveling and monster spawn rate aren't even close to right. Selling things doesn't work all the time but the game is still an ok production. Needs work, no bugs so far. Omg

This game is great and has the potential to be so much more. Things I'd like to see are Quests, some story element, a place to rest or a rest mode like "sit" to help recover mana and HP, Skills that can be used. Using the same skill over and over is kinda stale. A map so I know whats in the area. Just wow

Awsome grind to play game. Need time, simple, effective but like they state. Lacking material except level up by grinding. Looking forward to updates, will alter my rating upon them. Surprisingly

This is a pretty great little time killer. It's pretty simple to pick up and play. The only real drawback I found is that ranged attacks will not automatically engage like melee attacks, but that's mostly a matter of my preference. I will say that a questing system would be nice. Muito bom!

Realy good way to pass the time. Also it's not a pay to win game. You make your own quest in this game. Want to attack somebody -you can. Like to farm up a ton of loot-go for it. Feel like hunting down bad guys to collect bounty gold- join the party. You can even set up shop and play merchant if you want. This is one of the best android games I've found and I've played many. Highly Recommend.

This game is great! But communication is pretty hard.. I don't know where are players that I add or I see on chat. It gona be great if I can maybe speak that Are words up of me and not like a global or that things. Thank you! wow lol

Not bad but lacks actual content and depth. The 3 classes are boring just one skill. There's no quests so you just mindlessly grind with no real objective. Essentially another prematurely released beta with the option for people to sink money into. Works great

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