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I LOVE this game especially with ads if u go to settings on the game u can disable the ads!!!!#play this game forever #install this game #❤❤❤ this game Worth a go!

It's an interesting and amazing game my daughter love to play this game Cool

I like the one that is not a good time to get the best way to get this quality of the first step in the next few days later in this case comes complete and return to the right to be a good time to time and money when you are looking for a couple of years ago I was wondering if you are looking to recruit a so very good game✌ Just wow

I never seen like this bad game please don't waste your time don't stall this game I HATE IT Works perfectly

I Like this game very much and I think that everyone should play this game and enjoy. Great job

It's a very good game I really loved it wow lol

I think that this game is very nice and I love this game because it not contain ads Just wow

It was pretty good I liked it a lot and I like The dress at first when I saw the dress I did not know what to pick hahaha!! Awesome

It's not so good because in pictures it tell us that we can make hair style but we have hair style so it not interested Marvelous

It is a good game but the girl that gets all the makeup should get the good close Enjoy it!

I think this a really awesome game and I think everybody in the universe should play this five stars and a Pretty good

The game is good but its very boring and the dresses and hair style are the same every time Good

I am having a good time with the new game. Please make more games like this one. Enjoy it!

It's the super super super game in the full world. I liked this game very much but I have a problem that is there are only some dresses and I want more dresses in this game. I like this game very much and like to give all the three stars. Not bad

It's really a awesome game l loved it but there is only one problem that is the hairstyles are not much super try to change the hairstyles please eeeeeeeeee free please download it and play just once you will also love this this is one of my favourite game loved it Brilliant

I think this case was ok because they were not more levels after outfits for good Just wow

خوبه فقط سعی کنید باری هابس مثل بازی را یکم جذاب تر کنید Just wow

این بازی خیلی قشنگه من خیلی این بازی رو دوست دارم Amazing!

خر سگ عوضی یه دقیقه اومدم اینجا تنظیمات گوشیم خراب شد Worth a go!

Its okay but it should have more out fits to chose out because it's get boring choosing the same clothes Enjoy it!

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