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Slow (lags). Difficult to update profile when the app runs ridiculously slow. Called to ask about the issue and a very sweet lady stayed with me on the phone as I uninstalled/reinstalled the app. Doing the reinstall did fix the problem. It would be nice to not have to uninstall/reinstall the app everytime I have a lag/technical issue, but I'm just happy there is a solution for what I was experiencing! Thank you! Flawless

I love the concept of this app, but it has been glitching consistently these past few weeks. I contacted support. To their credit, they responded quickly, but their only suggestion was to uninstall and reinstall the app, which made no difference. It's a good app overall, but they need to seriously work on these bugs. wow lol

As a high rated sitter this app is super easy to navigate and communicate with all the pet parents because I know how hard it is to leave a pet for vacation and being able to communicate and send pictures and videos I know I'm able to give peace of mind to anxious pet parents! Perfect!

As a Rover professional, I can say it's the best job I've had. The app is very easy to use too. Insured and bonded makes it safe for everyone involved. Cool

I love Rover. I use it to get lots of pet sitting jobs and I've been so successful with it so far Brilliant

It's a great idea for an app HOWEVER there are a lot of flaws they need to work out. Specifically the fact that's it's near impossible to edit ANYTHING on your profile after you've written something. It takes 1000 clicks to get the cursor to move around to let me edit. Also the back button literally takes you back to the last screen you were on and not bringing you back a page so after I edit I can't return to my profile I have to restart the app. Also uploading a profile picture is nearly impossible because of how poorly the photo editor responds. I really wish this was more user friendly. Not bad

Everything is easy to use the only improvement I would make is a way to modify after confirmation via the app. Right now that is done via the website. Worth it!

It's been 72 hours and I've gotten nothing. There are no bookings or anything. Plus signed up for RoverGo and still haven't heard anything from anybody. I've paid for the background check and everything. My profile is flawless and honest. But yet I get nothing booking wise. My prices are perfect and I even throw in something special as well. So what is the world is going on here. Cool

I love being a pet sitter/walker for Rover! I've just gotten started and it's been an amazing experience already! Must have

Brilliant and user friendly app. Would appreciate a better calendar but otherwise its great. Surprisingly

Love this app. Been a member since 2016. One thing I would change is to have the stays in numerical order according to date they happen. Right now it's all random and hard to pay attention to. Brilliant

It's awesome for your personal business, and easy to use and keep yourself organized with! It is sometimes a little unclear on price choices but still great! Muito bom!

Rover walkers and sitters are extremely reliable, great for when you're always working and your pup needs out or for when you're going on a trip and need your pup checked on. Well done!!

Super easy to use as a sitter and to book a pet sitter. I've met tons of great dogs through Rover! Omg

Great Company, great app, been sitting through them for almost a year and the number one issue my clients run into is you can't differ the number of drop in visits per day without making multiple bookings which can be tedious and confusing. Pretty good

Best job I could ever ask for!! The rover team has been AWESOME at answering questions if I had any! Just wow

This is one of my favorite apps. I've saved thousands over the last couple years from not spending crazy money for professional boarders and I believe the care is far better. Definitely recommend. Awesome

Overall very very good. There's a few elements of the app that aren't totally intuitive and you have to go way back to get where you want to go. I've only had good experiences with the people I've met here for my dog. Works perfectly

Only thing missing is grooming services...would love to book something like that through the app... Superb!

So glad we found this service! We'd been having a lot of issues with the various "professional petsitters" we were hiring off of yelp (never available, exorbitant hidden costs, lack of accountability, overbooked during the holidays, etc). In my desperation, I decided to sign our guinea pigs up on Rover, and we were able to connect with local animal lovers who live very nearby. I love that Rover makes booking easy and streamlined, and all interactions and visits are documented. Brilliant

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