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question!! haaaaiii dev.can u tell me what is the behaviour of aggreasive 1,2, balanced 1,2,3, multitasking and megaram 1,2? please reply.i'm sure lots of your fans need this info.

HTC ONE M8 This is a really great free app, I only ever use paid app's but seen this and had to try and no regrets

Excellent app. This is an excellent app, being both well thought and beautifully implemented, i agree on freezing apps, but inquiring minds want to know, is it at least feasible to add a certain unique feature, I propose a second type of app freeze, one that is remembered at boot, so that the icon remains on their respective "Home Screen" but when accessed unfreezes temporarily and returns to frozen state when you're finished, it would add a prized user perspective to the quality of this app as well as a new uniqueness.

Empty CPU settings Alcatel inspire 2 Empty CPU settings What's the difference between those like profiles?

Great app The app is great wouldnt it be great if you just added a buid.prop editor and other fun stuff which we gave to usually do through adb It would also be great if you add a app freezing function and you have as many as stars from me... And thanks again

Cant understand? I am looking forward to the app. But basically how this app is different from other apps in market like setCPU etc. This seems to do the same things like that apps.

More features please I am amazed on how this thing works fluently with my device's kernel. I will wait for more upcoming features. Keep up the fu+king work guys and more birthdays to come?lol

Cpu speeds doesn't seem to stick. Had no problems ever since I had ics but i really love jellybean. I tried a lot of apps in the market but this seems the one that doesn't work as good either. Is there anything that can help remedy the situation?

Amazing I have tried a LOT of apps and this one by far surpassed all my expectations of a superior app. More than tripled the speed of my phone and there are no ads :-) A++++ all around for this one

The App Rocks!!! Tweaking my neo V have become more easier as this app has Everything!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!

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