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Great app! It's really easy to use and it's great to be able to watch red vs blue episodes at my fingertips :)

#make-friends Fix the podcast! I use this app mainly for the podcast but it consistently crashes right is the middle of playing it

Cant watch the video! Why i cant watch the video?do i need to download and app or update sth?Pls reply.and btw nice app. Recommend to take Rooster Teeth Fan App APK.

Unorganized! For example I was watching red vs blue and all the videos are so random and all over the place it took forever just to find the first season. I beleive that if there are that many episodes that they should be organized into one sub categories so u don't have to hunt all over the place for them.

So I get a message that the beta has stopped as the app shuts down! To be a bit more specific the app closes before the message pops up after just tapping on the app.. Recommend to download Rooster Teeth Fan App APK.

#live-wallpaper I like it! It seems to work fine for me, although I haven't tried to watch any videos on it. The layout reminds me (very much so) of the 'reddit is fun' app, which I enjoy. Good app.

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