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Some features need improvement The search features are not very intuitive and the navigation stops at the beginning of the street. We never managed to find one restaurant even though we were supposed to be 30m away (we also looked for the street address). One attraction was claimed to be 2 km away but was just around the corner. That said most times it was Ok. Superb!

When in rome use TripAdvisor Fantastic app and also very informative. I used the itineraries section exhaustively and it is fantastic with little tour bits of history and facts.also "the search for attractions nearby attractions" feature is fantastic. It is an essential so while you are in rome. I also didn't get any notifications or alerts (maybe u just disabled them) Superb!

For offline use only As others have said, too many adverts for tours makes it hard to find Romes real ancient attractions. But the app is ok when you don't have wifi to navigate around town. Additionally, hard to tell the difference between Subway and Tram stations on city map. Tram stops are shown but no tram network map. Well done!!

Good job! Fantastic and extremely helpful in planning the trip and whilst being there. Good job trip advisor! Recommend

Useful for navigating The good: Once installed requires no internet access. Very useful for navigating. The bad: hard to find sites of attractions, everything is an ad. Even when filtered for attractions everthing is an ad. Zero info on the Vatican, St Peters is not even located. Just wow

This is a must application for tourists. Brilliant

Usefal app for trips The downside is that it has different tops (attraction, restaurants ) on the web verion vs the app. The top attractions are not too good. wow lol

Quite helpful This app can really tell where you are with 10 m margin which makes it impossible to get lost. I found most of the info useful and didn't care much about the advertised tours, it's a free app after all Must have

My last day in Rome... This app is amazing even without WiFi available we were able to find places with the " point me there " feature. I won't have to look at maps anymore. Perfect!

Great for eateries! Mainly used for food and drink and not once did it disappoint in Centro Storico. Pretty good

For the offline map A lot of the places weren't there at all (probably closed) not much help with the transportation either. In general, wherever we went by following a trip advisor suggestion, we found a closed door or a really "touristic" place. You are better of using four square at a place with Wi-Fi and the offline map of this app. Marvelous

Great! Excellent App! It would great if the name of the smaller streets are included. I do need to download other Apps just for maps. Works great

Great offline guide Brilliant also has a pointer when you know the area but are just missing the address.. Really helped on my last trip. Thx. Awesome

Updates are constantly challenged Good app when updates can be loaded. Constant "network" error message for 2 of the 3 downloads. Good

Great guide Never been to Rome and the info in this guide is very informative even down to what you are likely to pay for a cab from the airport. Brilliant. Flawless

Decent Good when u wont have access to data. Map and gps could be better, but it is free Fabulous!

Useful Unfortunately, lately the most attractive thing to experience in Rome is to use a limo service, according to the rating. 5 star

Rome Rome for a week and this app was really great!looking forward to my next trip and trip advisor will always be with me ^^ Works perfectly

Great for offline use. Free, can get to your destination via public trans amd gps. Nicely plots locations. All free! Worth it!

Lynne Used to get around the sites of Rome. Point me there worked great. Really useful. Fantastic

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