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The overall rating of two stars is only because you the park entrance fees are not activated for some reason. I guess as you have kept a panel you'll activate it some day. Hope that day comes soon. If not please do it. Monitoring each ride's fare is impossible in bigger maps. And true PC rct 2 experience will be having that entrance fees. Hope I'll get a reply from the developers. P.S. I like the game but need you to notice my review. Not bad

They took a classic pc game and made it work BETTER on a smartphone. Amazing. This isn't a lazy port. The touch screen interface works well, and in some cases, better then the original mouse version. Quirks with the original were fixed. The visuals are still simple but I've always preferred 2D isometric over 3D for tycoon/sim building games. Absolute no brainer to have on your phone. Works great

I don't normally play mobile games but heard about this and thought it was too good to be true. No wait timers? No microtransactions? I researched and found it to be true. If you missed out on the original pc versions "back in the day" like I did, then you will find this highly addictive and fun to play. Well worth the money for the game and the expansions (in app purchase). Great!

Oh what fond memories of my all time favorite. RCT3 and later and the mobile spin offs not even close. Yes you can do sandbox mode with the in app purchases. Total cost after all three expansions purchased was $15. And thats it for IAP purchases? YES PLEASE! One hell of a good port of a truely classic game. Worth a go!

Played the original when it first came out and now I get to play it again with this port. Only thing I really wish it had was the ability to create a park with no scenario and it just let you build a mega park with all the rides. But other than that this game is great. Fabulous!

I saw this and instantly had to get it for the Galaxy S Tablet. It's everything I remember from the pc version I got in a cereal box too long ago. The controls and such are better than I could have expected. Terrforming can become tedius. Eg accedentally dranging the tile straight down 15 spaces and you blow 100$'s while doing so. The graphics are as I remember. It's a great game for those who can't let go of the past or for those seeking a great simulation game. Enjoy it!

I LOVED PLAYING RCT AS A KID!! But... I was really hoping for sandbox... I know that there is sandbox but unless you want to pay for it which I don't because I already paid 6 dollers for it, it's kinda a let down. But the game play is fantastic and the game is stunningly put together that it feels just like the original and it's totally 100% worth the money. Just PLEASE make the toolkit free... Go well

Best six bucks I ever spent! Perfectly faithful port of a childhood favorite. Controls are adjusted for touch screens and take a bit of getting used to. I have thick fingers so I find its easier to use a stylus on my G5 despite its sizeable screen. Plays like a dream on tablet though. Enjoy it!

Very good, smooth running port of the original game(s). Controls have been well adapted to suit mobile gameplay. Can't say what it'd be like on a phone, but on my tablet it's excellent. Nice to finally have the option of a 'good' game on Android. Worth the £5.99 all day long. Worth a go!

Don't bother with the free RCT games. This version is worth the money. So is the ad- ons. The map editor always made this game. The controls on tablet are​ nice. By far my favorite sim game of all time. My one complaint is, I can't find a way to go back and edit my custom scenarios. Other than that, I love this version. Worth it!

Great port. Really love it. Feels nostalgic. Edited: why it cant snyc across platform automatically? How to do it manually? I used to play a lot on my tablet (galaxy tab S2) but when i play it on my handphone (xiaomi redmi note 4), it lost all the progress. Brilliant

This used to be my favourite game as a kid. It is essential Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 & 2 together, and it works extremely well with a mobile interface. The only minor issue is that the controls can be annoying at times. Rides and underground view could use updating. 5/5 though for sure! Cool

Just like I remember! Would be nice if there were an undo button since it's very easy to make a mistake using your fingers on a small screen. I also wish I could lay paths and buy land by dragging rather than one square at a time. Awesome

I still play the PC version of this game regularly. This app is brilliant. It plays exactly like the PC version with control optimizations for mobile/touch. All of the PC functionality is present. I had no issue paying extra for the expansions as I did with the original version. My only complaint is that it freezes if open too long, but I play for hours and my phone isn't the best so the issue could very well be on my end. Excellent game, excellent app, excellent experience. Cool

I couldn't figure out how to build footpath/queue for the rides. Whenever I try to hire staff they just dangle in the air instead of dropping in to do their jobs. The touch buttons are way too small for an adult size thumb (I play it on a 5" screen phone). It would be nice to have a tutorial or a written guide about the touch controls. Edit: Many thanks for the devs for the prompt answer! Worth a go!

Still having problems with the game when i open the app doesnt give the option to load or start new game just shows different example parks. I have to close the game and reopen it to get to the main screen please fix this issue atari.. Thank you Perfect!

so great. a blend of RCT 1 and 2. plays like a PC game not a mobile game (a good thing). no ads or annoying in-game currency. there are two expansion packs available but they're not necessary. Works great

Would give 5 but the boat shop glitch where guests get stuck is still in the game. Idk if it's something that is part of the way it's coded or not but otherwise It is amazing. If you bring RCT2 I will pay 10 dollars for it. Just wow

Love it! I can't stop playing :-) And so easy on the battery. My only problem is that it won't stay on pause while building large transports or coasters etc. and this is really needed, and would be nice to have a few freestyle sandbox maps... Superb!

Love it. I was a bit skeptical about playing this on a mobile device after playing the originals back on PC. But it's very easy to get to grips with. Few little things have changed from PC version but for the better I think. Just wow

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