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They should rename this game to "epic nostalgia trip tycoon" because I felt like a kid again playing this Worth it!

One bug for all of the paid entrance parks. You still have the option to advertise "Free" or "half price" rides. All of the rides are automatically free on the parks where you pay per entry. :) Amazing!

Love the game just one issue it won't let me drop the workers can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong Highly Recommend.

Why can't I charge admission on any of the scenarios? That's the biggest money maker... Worth a go!

If you like rtc 1/2 and have at least a 5 inch display I can recommend this game. The interface is for the most part flawless. Some minor things are a bit finicky but it's never been a major issue for me. I was looking for a fun mobile game but all the free to play stuff is not for me not action games. This is a great alternative. 5 star

Hours of fun playing one of my favourite PC games. The only slight criticism I have is when you change the view options (such as hide scenery) they flip back to default as soon as you've finished building something. Would be nice to allow you to make this change permanent, as it's annoying to keep having to flip it on, especially in parks with loads of trees. Just wow

A must own for anyone who loved this classic game from their childhood! The music, graphics, everything is so nostalgic! Thanks for bringing this gem to mobile and NOT ruining it! EDIT: Hours and hours of playing this later, I can definitely confirm this is the best mobile game I have ever played! Thank you for the fantastic work on this! Fabulous!

I loved playing this game when I was a kid, and they way it's set up for Android is awesome! Since the update, I am able to play the expansion I bought. Thanks for being awesome, Atari!!!❤️❤️❤️ Muito bom!

This game is amazing. Especially on a Note 8 using the spen. Totally worth the money and brings back a lot of good memories. Great job Atari! Surprisingly

I used to play this game a lot, during my childhood days. And i missed this game a lot. Downloaded lots of roller coaster games, they were good, but they didn't give the nostalgic feel. I missed the sound effects. It feels so good to hear it back again after so many years. Although i wish they improve the graphics a bit. But nevertheless, since this game brought back my childhood memories. I can play this game offline and this game has no hidden charges. I dont regret paying Rs 410 for installation. ☺❤ Omg

I used to play so much of this game when I was a kid so it was an instant purchase when I saw it on the play store. This game runs like a dream on my LG g4 and I'm surprised it's so well optimized. The buttons are extremely resposnsive and I have pretty big fingers. The only reason this doesn't get a 5 from me is because there is no sandbox mode. Please Atari, add sandbox and this will be a 5!! Flawless

Absolutely love this game, so happy that it's been ported to Android. However, the Handyman AI really needs to be examined. In every park I've played there is always a couple Handymen who will either get stuck in a Queue Line Entrance or will ignore parts of their patrol in areas with many 3- and 4-way intersections. This has been an issue in the PC version for a while, hope to see it fixed soon. Thanks for the fun! Well done!!

This. This is a great port. By far better than one would expect. It just works so well! However, I do have to admit that I did have disappointments, including paying to for the feature to build my own custom scenario. Disappointment aside, I actually felt comfortable to pay a bit more to show my support for this project. It emulates the original perfectly Works great

I love this game but why is it u cant charge people admission to get into your park like on the pc version Recommend

If you love the PC version you will love this. It is actually easier to control. I'm playing on a galaxy s7. If I played on a tablet it would be better than PC. I hate spending money, but I would buy this again if I needed to. If you're over 20 years old it's the perfect game for you. The young crowd may feel it's dated. Good

This game is great. I just lost my laptop bc it won't boot. I saw this and was like yes. It's ported over so well. I only have an issue with the enormous amount of vandalism in the game. Can that be curved a bit? I spent hours on it. Thanks for letting it be family play. Awesome

Still having sleep and resume issues from time to time and doesn't bring up the main menu please fix. Also if you guys at atari can add the ability to keep saved files and parks transferable to other devices when you sign into google play. I recently upgraded to a new phone and lost all my parks and progress which was very disappointing. I tried to back all my data up and still it did not save any data when i installed it on to my new phone. If an update like this is possible please keep me updated. Thank you to all the employees at atari that keep the game running smoothly. We the consumers appreciate it tremendously Pretty good

Great port of an amazing classic. I only have one suggestion. Buying land takes forever, especially on scenarios that are time sensitive to get the goal completed. I suggest making a tool similar to land modifications so you can buy chunks at a time, or make a selection option so you can tap and hold, then drag and highlight the land you want. On PC you could hold down the mouse and drag it over land you wanted to buy, which was much faster. Other than that, I love this game. You made it exactly the same as the PC version, and it's super easy to learn. I've been having a blast working through the scenarios. I also love that you can import and export your PC saves. Great job

A perfect port of the original Roller Coaster Tycoon! No micro-transactions, no bloatware or waiting. Just authentic RTC. The controls work perfectly as wrll, I was worried they wouldn't translate well to mobile but it feels smooth and intuitive! Superb!

Would absolutely give it 5 stars hands down, no questions asked if it had sandbox mode... come on atari... this is like if someone is throwing the best party of the decade but it has to be over by 8pm. REALLY NEEDS SANDBOX MODE! Marvelous

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