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Insta-buy, I'm a super fan of the original RCT, and this port doesn't disappoint. Every issue that has popped up, they've fixed immediately. Very recommended for fans and new players alike! Highly Recommend.

Great games, good port This is the first two roller coaster tycoon games updated, optimized and combined. The mobile controls work well and the game runs fine on my G3. One problem is that it crashes if you put your phone in sleep while playing, but there is auto save which helps. There are 95 classic scenarios, dlc scenarios, but bo bs dlc like rct4. Overall a great port of great games with some minor, easily patchable bugs. Works great

Great so far.. Just one issue It's running great so far on my LGV20. My only complaint is that I can't adjust the ticket / entry price for my park. It's missing the arrows to adjust the price. Am I missing something? Good

Amazing mobile port! Game runs like butter on both my LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S - my one gripe is that the purchased expansions don't seem to be shared under the same account on different devices... Thanks for the nostalgia guys! :) Enjoy it!

FINALLY I've been looking for a RCT game that wasn't riddled with crap, and this popped up out of nowhere. I already completed a few parks, more or less the same way I used to. Still a challenge and still extremely fun. Perfect

Classic Works flawlessly just like the original game, option for RCT2 DLC is a welcome addition. All the negative reviews are for early versions so take no notice, everything works fine since the update.

Thanks for fixing. This game is incredible. Works *very* well with stylus. This is great in a note 5 with stylus. You may or may not have difficulty without a stylus. IT HAS A TIME ACCELERATION FEATURE! Hooray! It works. It is embarrassing that they released this game unfinished and unplayable. Glad they fixed it. This might be the best thing atari has produced in years.

Tears of joy The original RCT games really meant the world to me -- I was absolutely obsessed. So this might be the best Christmas surprise ever. This mobile port stays true to the originals and offers a really intuitive touch interface and some improvements that make my favorite games even better than before, especially now that I can quite literally take them anywhere. Thank you, Atari, for one of the only good things to come out of 2016.

4 Astaris out of 5 The original games are really good. This mobile version is really good. There are levels upon levels to complete. I get smooth, silky gameplay throughout the game, even on my slowing down Nexus 7. I can see myself playing this anytime I don't have something going on. But that brings me to a problem. I don't really bring my tablet with me everywhere, and since my phone (Moto Z) is not supported, I can't really play this unless I have my tablet. That would be my only issue with this game. I will add another star is this is fixed. With that to the side, I love this game. Really glad that Atari did not include as many in app purchases as they did in RCT 4. The ones that are there make sense. Great job Atari! Looking forward to the wonderful time I will have playing this game. Muito bom!

Great port of classic game Will give it more stars when more devices are supported. Of all my devices, only my old ones (Nexus 7 1st gen, and Moto G) show up as supported. Please add support for some more devices. I have an LG G4, LG G5, and Galaxy S7 and none show as supported. Would love to have this on the devices that my kids and I use from day to day. wow lol

An ok port I think this port is ok. I say ok because while it does work on smart phones, there is no denying it, this game is made for tablets. That is my biggest complaint about this game. Most of the icons are a bit to small for mobile users so it is very easy to mis click. Another big issue i noticed was that it is impossible to raise or lower paths for the maze and non coaster rides meaning i am stuck making flat tracks. Enjoy it!

I'm trying to like it. It's full of little niggles. Firstly, after all these years there's still no way to stop paths from snapping together where they're not supposed to (even OpenRCT2 has that sorted), and why must we have to double tap to place paths? I find it completely unnecessary. I also think that when we place the ride blueprint (also scenery) it would be better if we could drag it around to properly place it. You certainly took your merry old time with this port so I expected better. I followed it from the start. Recommend

This is REAL RCT Finally, a decent port of RCT to Android (Bonus points for not being iOS only) Somewhat mixed about the inapp purchases though, altogether it's the same price getting 1&2 together on steam or gog. Edit: you cannot raise/lower pieces of a kart related ride, or car rides. Amazing!

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