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This is REAL RCT, but you cannot raise go-kart track pieces! Finally, a decent port of RCT to Android (Bonus points for not being iOS only) Somewhat mixed about the inapp purchases though, altogether it's the same price getting 1&2 together on steam or gog. However, I noticed that you cannot raise/lower pieces of a kart related ride, or car rides. Still not fixed. Also, a touch and drag path system + height adjustment, please? ALSO, it appears you need an internet connection once in a while due to buggy Google Play integration. Fix it, please? wow lol

Brilliant classic The controls are better than I expected, no issues playing on my LG v20. I see an option to sync progress on multiple devices under settings but how does that actually work? I installed on my tablet but am not able to see any synced saved games... Pretty good

Great but with a bug I've always been a fan of Roller Coaster Tycoon and this is a very nice port! My only complain is that you cannot raise or lower car ride tracks, which seems to be a bug in the game. Please fix this. Otherwise, this a very excellent game and is finally portable! Great job

Fantastic Beautifully ported game - works perfectly. A lesson to all game makers to give up on the freemium model too! This also runs perfectly on relatively modest hardware unlike many games (Nexus 5X and Asus Chromebook Flip) Flawless

Works like a charm There was a minor bug loading the game originally but that has been fixed now. Works great on the Nexus 6P, controls are not perfect but I'm sure are great on a tablet. Well worth it. If you had issues before uninstall and redownload it. Marvelous

Nostalgia 99/100 Wow. I remember playing this on my old desktop 20 years ago. Never thought one day I could play portable, on my phone. This port is very well done and is a great fit for mobile. A few minor changes were implemented for mobile. For example, in order to save or change the simulation speed or load or quit the game.... Click the pause button in the lower right corner. Took me a while to find it. Awesome

Fantastic With the newest update the loading ailments are gone. The game itself is a beautifully done port of the original game. The buttons are a tad small but perfectly usable on a 5 inch screen, though it would be more enjoyable to use on a tablet, this doesn't hurt gameplay much. All in all this is a faithful port of a fantastic game. love it

Entrance fee! Game seems to be great so far other than the lack of entrance fees. You can't change them and that's where the majority of income comes from. People don't want to pay a lot for rides but are more than willing to pay a decent entrance fee (like Canada's Wonderland). Think that's gonna be a big part of the reason I am not instantly addicted. Still worth playing..just still missing some features. Fantastic

PLEASE READ MORE RECENT REVIEWS LIKE THIS ONE. PREVIOUS REVIEWERS HAD ISSUES WITH CRASHING WHICH HAVE BEEN FIXED. Holy **** this is amazing. Ive been waiting for this port for so many years. This is a exact copy of the original game and it does not disappoint. The port is everything you could hope for in an RCT remake. There are no words to describe how happy I am to finally be playing a successfull and enjoyable version of RCT on mobile. It even plays offline. 10/10 would recommend to anyone, this is the 100% the best mobile game I have played. I honestly have nothing negative to say about this app. Worth it!

Stuck in loading screen I have a OPO3 with oxygenOS 3.2.8 the game is stuck in loading screen. Please fix this, this game was great in PC and I want to give it a try on Android. EDIT: reading in comments it seems that the problem is related to enabling permissions on app settings, after enabling those storage permissions everything worked ok. I will keep the three star rating until this problem is adressed. Great!

Thanks for the speedy update, game works perfectly now. The game is just as I remember it, with a few tweaks to the UI to make it work for touchscreen. The scenery building is a little bit fiddly but it just needs getting used to. Other than that, looks like a solid game, can't wait to play more of it Worth a go!

A classic brought back to life I'm impressed with how well it looks and plays. Definitely going to be my new game to kill time when I'm out and about. As for people having trouble with the loading screen, it may have something to do with Google Play Games app. Cool

Great but some bugs On a Nexus 6P - Can't change park entry price and employees are buggy. Watched maintenance men get stuck in an area (no geo fence) and walk right over puke and trash and not clean it. Maybe I just have retarded employees. Surprisingly

Something we've waited years for Havent played too much yet, but this is exactly what I've always wanted. Latest update fixed the loading error, back to playing! Thank you! Muito bom!

I'm trying to like it. It's full of little niggles. Firstly, after all these years there's still no way to stop paths from snapping together where they're not supposed to (even OpenRCT2 has that sorted), and why must we have to double tap to place paths? I find it completely unnecessary. I also think that when we place the ride blueprint (also scenery) it would be better if we could drag it around to properly place it. You certainly took your merry old time with this port so I expected better. I followed it from the start. Edit: Sorted. Brilliant

My childhood, in my pocket Just beat the first scenario. Impressive work. A new UI but with the classic graphics makes for a fantastically polished mobile experience of my favorite video game of all time. Thank you Origin8! Superb!

What we needed While not a perfect port by any means, this is exactly what we needed for the series. RCT Worle and 4 Mobile failed so hard. Its good to see Atari actually get it. Fabulous!

Amazing but... I love it. It is exactly what it claims. No IAP barring DLC. The real deal. Only keeps crashing. It autosaves where you were so it's not catastrophic, but it is very annoying. Please look at this guys, it is perfect besides that. Galaxy Tab s2 Works perfectly

One of my all time favourite games - at last I love this game. The only suggestion that I have would be to be able to move a ride/attraction around more easily than you can now. It's fiddly positioning them - I'd like to be able to move them around with a finger Not bad

Early Review Only played for an hour or two. Not as frustrating as I thought with the touchscreen, it handles it well. It's great. Has everything I remember from the PC so it could be hard to read some of the windows on my S6 or smaller. Seems to be easy on battery life. Amazing!

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