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If you loved the PC version of this game, you're going to like this version even better. It's the original game with all the expansion packs already on to it. Adding so much more to do and offer if the very very beginning when you even play. I love this and has bright my addiction back making roller coasters. Really brought back my childhood. I strongly give this 5 stars. You won't be disappointed!!! Worth a go!

This game is great! The only issue I have is Verizon's auto health check says the game isn't safe. Why would Verizon's app tell me that? Fabulous!

Takes me back to the after school days playing this classic game instead of doing my homework. Pretty good

It doesn't have keyboard and mouse controls well you can use a mouse but not a keyboard it would be nice to have that function. Go well

In Electric fields I am stuck with with 0 park rating due to all people getting stuck even walking the same line, even though there is plenty roads to walk away from that road Perfect

How do you build underground paths? And why can't we charge admission fee?... this is amazing... a real blast from the past!! Works great

Why can't more developers do this. Make a game that you pay for up front and have zero micro transactions. This has become my favorite mobile game. Don't even play those F2P games anymore. Perfect port. Those giving this lower scores really need to reevaluate it. Perfect

Just as i remember it on PC minus a sandbox mode and coaster creator. Just playing through the campaign can get boring sandbox would be great. Works perfectly

Amazing game!! Only one issue... The AI for workers, specifically mechanics. I understand that you have to design your walkways properly and plan routes but they always end up getting stuck somehow. The AI is just way way way too low. That's my only issue. Great!

I loved this game since its came out for the pc, just one issue...why the heck can't I change the admission fee of my park from free? Marvelous

Game is great, loved playing this as a kid and it's great nostalgia that is easy to pick up and play at my leisure. A few things could be improved. The BIGGEST thing is the fact that there is no sandbox mode. If they could add that it would improve the game 10X. The minor improvements are things like letting you change the view to Underground mode so you can see where pre-built paths and rides are. The only way to see underground is if you actually build your own path/ride. Overall glad this is a thing and it's provided over 40+ hours of entertainment. Superb!

Just like the old days, controls are a little hard on the phone sometimes but doesn't affect it too much. Surprisingly

I don't usually comment on apps, but being one of my favourites, it works really well on my phone, the ui is tweaked just right for this game, $8 well spent. Thanks Atari Not bad

I am loving this game. I would like to make one suggestion.... Allow us to charge admission to the parks to bring in more money like the original. As far as I can see, I am not able to. Flawless

Its a great game just as fun as the cd version although id like it better if we could charge for admission in the game, also can he get it so we can pay for the other levels , im tired of having to beat one levels parks just to move on to the next Superb!

This is a great game, I loved it on the pc and love it more now has I can play it any where. I would recommend this game. Highly Recommend.

Great game but not worth the price. You will get sick of playing it after a month or two. Lower price and will be no problem Pretty good

The exact same way I remember it!! You just need to add admission prices, they were the only way to really make money Flawless

This game is almost identical to the original. It can be a bit tricky hitting exactly what you want on the ui from time to time, but you do get used to it. If you're a fan of the original pc version, this is definitely worth the investment as it is essentially rct 1 and 2 combined. A lot of content here, and the only IAPs that exist are the expansion packs that are in no way required as this game is massive and will keep you busy for a very long time. Cool

Just like the original! Can be a little hard to play on your phone but if you loved the original you've gotta get this Superb!

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