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How do you save your game though???!!! Please someone help I've already lost 2 parks I've spent hours on and can't seem to figure it out so when I log on to the game I can go to load a park. Instead of having to start a new one each and every single time. It's killing me!! Plus I paid $5.99 for this game I'm getting really upset trying to find out how to save my parks??? Please anyone??!! UPDATE~ THANKS ATARI! LOVE THIS GAME. Not bad

Although I've only done a few games still thought id review it. The best thing is how well the controls are, I was quite surprised and thought they would be bad, but controls work quite well. Works great

The game is awesome! But there is two things that should be fixed. 1: Sandbox mode needs to be added. 2: There needs to be a way to buy more than one land plot at once becase it gets really annoying. Otherwise its perfect! Cool

Great job on recreating this. You should add more special pieces like the zero g roll or large corkscrew or upside down half loop or add more degrees on banked curves that'll be so cool and you cant get construction rights or own land over paths in scenario editor but theres an issue with the flying coaster flipped pieces. You can't see them when they go up or down in a banked style Awesome

It's about time one of the PC classics made it to Android. And in pretty much the same format too. After two other attempts to get roller coaster games going with in app purchases, I guess those knuckleheads finally figured out that NOTHING beats the CLASSIC. DEFINITELY worth the total of $25 for all the packs. Surprisingly

Latest version has really affected performance for me :( been having a great time with it, but now I basically can't play. Went back to an old save of Diamond Heights and it was too laggy to do anything, even on the closest zoom. Reinstalling the game didn't help either. Any advice devs? I want to continue playing your wonderful game! Worth a go!

Seriously! Spend half an hour with that slow as hell buggy tutorial only for it to have no viable save button. In the end I had to swith it off and there isn't even any auto save! How much did I pay for this!! Great job

Translates great to mobile. My only complaint is that they took away some of the view functions. Being able to select options underground, take out specific pieces of the over world out in order to view specific items would make this game way better. It is at the moment very difficult to see past objects in the game and the isometric look isn't helping either. Great!

Okay, first things first, I absolutely love the game I am having so much fun. But I feel that there are some things that need improving or added to the game. First thing that needs added is the ability to change admission price. I am unaware if this was done on purpose, but if it is, it needs to be changed, because it does make you lose an opportunity to make some extra cash. Also I feel that if you move a menu, that it should stay where you leave it, so that it gets out of the way. Not bad

I had to drop my review to 3 stars. Started playing Fungus Woods on my pc. Transferred the save file to my phone around the end of year 3. Completed it on my phone and passed it but wouldn't get credit for beating the scenerio. Would be great if it would work so I could get credit for it. Marvelous

Love this game. It worked great on my last phone but it is horrible on the Google Pixel 2. Screen is stretched wide with no option for adjusting it. Please make an update that allows screen variance between phones. --- UPDATE: they fixed the problem. Game is great and fits my screen now! Brilliant

Lobe the game, use to play it growing up all the time. But I wish there was a help button cause I have a lot of questions for some objectives. And I wish I could rotate how I view my park how I want it not only the 4 different angles. And I would want to add multiple squares for footpaths to make it faster. love it

Great port! Controls great just like the original on pc. Now my only gripe is that this version is "scenario only" meaning you can't free-play and build your own park. You actually have to pay another $5.99 to get this DLC. Now it's not like this game isn't worth $12 or so but I'd rather pay the full amount out right than just separately. Then you have to worry about your purchases being deleted or missing when re-downloading which is a big hassle. The only other bug I found was that many times customers don't buy anything from my stalls. Some don't even purchase until the next year or so that the park is even open; and I know on the pc they would start buying pretty much right away if not at least in the first year. If that could be fixed I greatly appreciate that! wow lol

Obviously its not going to be better than the pc but for a mobile game that doesn't require internet connection its honestly incredible. 5 star

Finally. Such a classic game. However it seems to have the classic queue line bug where some guests seem to think the queue lines are regular paths. It's no big deal, but it irritates me. Brilliant

I think this is an absolutely perfect port. The only thing I wish they could add was a way to buy multiple squares of land at once instead of having to tap each one at a time. Otherwise I have no complaints! Well done!!

Worth every penny! I would hesitate to call this a "port", because the developers took great care to redesign the game for mobile. It has a ton of original and new content, with a UI overhaul to fit mobile interfaces. Also: unlike the new RCT games, there are NO micro-transactions (which would have been a death sentence for this game). If you want more content, you can buy the expansion packs for a flat fee if you choose. Enjoy it!

This is a genuinely great port of the classic game. The controls I find to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. Some of the buttons can be a bit small, but I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who's wanting to get into the Tycoon Genre or wants to relieve the classic! Not bad

I love the game. I bought 2 of the expansion packs on my tablet and one on my android. these will not sync decided. I also noticed that the game stopped synimcing the completion of the park's Muito bom!

Having audio problems when using a Bluetooth headset. Heaps of static. Otherwise enjoyable Worth it!

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