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Wow when I saw this I was like "what no way Atari ported rct1 and rct2 together" I buy it and I was attached to the game for hours, I recommend buying this game it is that good. Plus WHOOHOOW BUG FIXES i had a huge problem with the spiral coaster and the lift not working but soon an update came and fixed it so i could build my own coaster WITH the lift working, because before you could only use presets because building your own spiral coaster would not work. i must say being a RCT series fan, i have to say great port! Recommend

This game is an instant classic and my favorite game. If you are a huge fan of the roller coaster tycoon series (especially the first and second), this one is definitely worth the purchase. This port has EVERYTHING you'd expect from the first and second game. It's a perfect adaptation/mobile version. wow lol

I LOVED PLAYING RCT AS A KID!! But... I was really hoping for sandbox... I know that there is sandbox but unless you want to pay for it which I don't because I already paid 6 dollers for it, it's kinda a let down. But the game play is fantastic and the game is stunningly put together that it feels just like the original and it's totally 100% worth the money. Just PLEASE make the toolkit free... Just wow

Feels like my childhood! This is an excellent port with the UI optimized for mobile. There's no drag feature for placing coasters, but that's about the only thing wrong with it. Excellent game to pick up and put back down. Must have

Now I know what your thinking, "instead of paying money, couldn't I just play one of the free rollercoaster tycoon games?". And yes you could do that, but you'd have to spend hours or days waiting for things to get done in the sad excuses for roller coaster tycoon that Atari has put on mobile devices. For a relatively low price you could play a bona fide classic pc simulation game, a very full package, in the palm of your hand. Worth a go!

App suddenly started crashing on me everytime I play now. Never had an issue before. I really don't want to uninstall and reinstall because I don't want to lose everything. I'm at a loss for what to do about this. Enjoy it!

This is a fantastic port. In my honest opinion, it's probably the best mobile game and the best mobile port. It's the full PC gameplay and there's no stupid pay to win. Flawless

Enjoying every minute of it! I've been playing it on my Samsung Galaxy S6 with no issues. Here's hoping Zoo Tycoon will be next Not bad

Amazing game however iv noticed a bug when I'm playing my date jumps from year 1 October to year 2 march. It's been happening on maybe 4 scenarios back to back but im not sure what's causing it. Loosing Loosing nearly half a year makes some of them much harder Enjoy it!

An outstanding game. I played this for many years on my computer and now I'm able to play it on my mobile device. I would give it more stars if I could. I can not say enough positive things about this app. Surprisingly

Dear Developers: I love you with all my heart and soul for bringing back my favorite PC game ever! The reason I love you more than ever is because you preserved the classic game play and graphics of the original game while adapting it to work on a mobile device. I so much appreciate that you didn't try to do a modernized rendition. The menus are perfectly arranged and it's been natural sinking back into this game just like how I remember it. The only thing I can think of to improve is adding the ability to rotate the map with touch gestures (currently only pinch to zoom works). I have to make an effort to remember to use the rotate buttons in the top right corner, but this is by far trivial when everything else is on point. Awesome

Updated: Sorry! It was my own error, not the game's. I figured out I wasn't hitting the "update land ownership" button, which you have to do square by square, throughout the entire map in the scenario editor. It's very tedious to make us do it that way, but I got it figured out finally. Previous: It's a good game and all, but I bought the toolkit add on and it won't let me import/export or actually use any of the scenarios I've made in the scenario editor. Which renders that add on completely useless Omg

Love love love. However I can not no matter what I do pass Rainbow Summit Just wow

A great blast from the past. It's a little difficult, being on a smaller, touch screen. But no complaints. This was a fun game back then, just like it is now. Great job! Perfect!

It's a good game and all, but I bought the toolkit add on and it won't let me import/export or actually use any of the scenarios I've made in the scenario editor. Which renders that add on completely useless. Pretty good

Hey uh if Kelly Fox is reading this I'd just like to tell you that it's supposed to look like this. It's basically a port of the old games. And IMO, this one is better because it doesn't lock have necessary micro transactions. Ik that they aren't necessary, per say, but why tf pay for in game money. Use that for, in your opinion, a better game. Also just want to say that the handymen are sooooo stupid. Other than that, it's a great game. Muito bom!

Fantastic port and very well done. Appreciation also towards how you handled the micro transactions. I appreciate that the only MT in this port are just the expansions. Also, some of you people are idiots. This is a direct port of the ORIGINAL title. The original 90s title. You guys are leaving reviews saying its outdated or has bad graphics. This is a retro port you half brained morons. Go play touch if you want modern. This is for the TRUE not wannabe RCT fans!!! Now , Atari, any plans to port RCT3? IOS got it years ago would be a sweet addition. I loved 3 and would love to play it mobile! Oh, and, tycoon city new York please. Cool

Roller Coaster Tycoon: Classic. Is definitely in the top tier of being the best mobile game(off-line). They took 1 & 2, and somehow fused the two into this master piece. For new players, you can delete or rename your parks by selecting/holding them, at the load park menu. Well done!!

It's about time one of the PC classics made it to Android. And in pretty much the same format too. After two other attempts to get roller coaster games going with in app purchases, I guess those knuckleheads finally figured out that NOTHING beats the CLASSIC. DEFINITELY worth the total of $10 for all the packs. Flawless

I love this game. The graphics weren't bad on my Samsung Note5 but I just switched to the Note 8 and they are horrible. I don't get it. Perfect

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