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Oh how I say something for it. I have no words to say for it. It's fashion and it's looks are great. When I see it's video I am surprised to see it. But first time I see it's logo I think it is borring. But this time I am really surprised to see it. This is the best game in world for girls. When I do all comments for other games they are not really good. But this game is the best. If you install it you like too. If you have any quari in this you can write and I will check it. Thanks for reading this. 5 star

I personally love this game even though many people hate this game. Do not judge other people for something you do not like, but they do. This is my opinion. If you hate my opinion I dio not care. Superb!

It's a good game. The controls are a bit on the unstable, super sensitive side but I can get through the makeup and nails part. Lots of ads for the free version, every time I click something (such as saying ok) an ad pops up. Annoying, but livable. Worth a go!

I love this game soon much and my favourite part is then competition it's so fun! But can u make all of them stuff free because there us way to much adds Recommend

It's a good game except that you can't get to 1st place without the in app purchases if we could have all the dance pieces free it would be amaizing Fabulous!

Can you please make coco magazines in it we can dress up and makeup her like every time and the new we will take photos of coco and we will put it on the magazine and in the magazine and we won't take one picture for the first paper of the magazine we will take a photo in the magazine all you decide how much paper in the magazine and if you want to add something else you can put it ,sorry I can't speak English very will put I think you understand me so please made it thanks for coco games Tab Tale ^^ Brilliant

Oh my gosh this is the best games I have ever played in my life why would someone not like this game like come on this is the best game ever 5 stars bit it dose show to much skin you guys need o fix that plz go coco games! Works perfectly

I think this is the best game because it is available to all stations but can you make everything else free? Or maybe make other games that you create available? I know it is hard to make money if it is this way but more people will play your games. Cool

If you like to roller skate then yes well l was sad beause my sister and me fight a lot and my feeling got hurt and l was sad then l got this game and l love it ever since Not bad

I absolutely love it ,so much fun! But I think you should make it to where you don't have to buy almost everything to be able to really get into the game, but on the other hand I think it's the best game ever! Perfect

Ok I think its a great game and if people dont want to see that much skin. Then maybe they shouldent play this game duh. Keep up the good work Just wow

I think coco play is awesome. Coco play shows that girls can be anything. Sure some of the clothes are bad but all coco play shows kids to 1) dress neatly 2) all ways be kind. Go coco play Enjoy it!

I liked it a lot! This is the best game ever like the Dance Clash.Please make more games like this and i will surely install it.And why don't you make a game like Skateboard girl VS Roller skater girl? Like the Dance Clash.It would be great. Superb!

This game is awsome but some of the moves are inappropriate so can you please delete some of them moves so some children's don't see inappropriate moves in this kid friendly game and I'm 8 YEARS old I don't want to dress almost naked so please remove the clothes that show much skin Pretty good

It is all write but would not be good for 11 and under because there is crop tops-belly shirts and really short shorts Omg

Everything costs money when I loose I cry because I go against cheaters and u should make everything free sorry for the 3 stars but its OK I guess. ^-^ wow lol

I love this game you guys have the best make up ever.Can. you make more outfits up date fashion add ear phones jewelry and change hair styles more color skates .And give out trophies or metal when girls win .More different tattoo also.Add a jewerly store watches earings .Make it more hip hop.Start making Asian n Indian girls in order do that you must change shape of eyes ok.Thank You ur No.1#fan .Fatima Works perfectly

Pretty cool coco game actually. I first thought of not installing it because it looked more like dancing instead of skating, but I understand that it is a mix of both......... Awesome TabTale Great!

Make something different like Chinese dancing and windsurfing . By the way, have competitions. Also, let the players names their own coco. Besides, more effects for competitions and more beautiful clothing.Likewise, have smaller brushes for dying the hair. Nevertheless, have no locked items pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. Anyways, cool Perfect

Wow.....I have ever seen this before we can dress like a pro skater,skate your heart out Must have

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