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Nice game The games good just found 2 issues that it lags a lot and u HV to use it fingers to see around...but I must say that all those people out there who say that this game has bad graphics or shows multiple screen are complete fools ... As they don't know that this game requires a vr headset to play...multiple screens are used to set screen in vr headset and the graphs are awesome when u use headset...I used antvr headset and used lenovo vibe k4 note as phone Great job

Enjoy it!

WAS OK It was ok even without Google cardboard goggles. If it showed more than one video, I might rate it 5 stars. BTW horrible graphics! Brilliant

Just wow

Needs work but great It doesnt have motion tracking just still which kind of defeats the purpose of being virtual reality and even without it is a bit hard to work with but otherwise pretty good Great!


Cool You just need to press,hold,and move your screen around with your finger til you see the coaster. I should know. I downloaded it and it was fast and it worked. Great job

wow lol

It is so cool The role coaster was so cool! Every day when im bord from some of my games I will play this role coaster game Works perfectly

Great job

You guys don't get it. The app is for oculus rift‚ you have you put your phone in one.and it'll look real. Flawless




Great app Guys, ignore those recent comments, thet clearly do not realise it only works with a VR headset, keep up the good work! Awesome

Highly Recommend.

It ok It good GUys but put a little work in in and no lag I will give a five stars if it has little good and work in it and no lag Awesome

wow lol


Worth it!

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