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Double screen is normal! GUYS They have double screen bcuz u gotta cross your eye.. then look at the center thats why they doubled screen it so that u can see it in 3D!.. seen it on Internet!!!! I hope it helped a lot!!! Works great

It ok It good GUys but put a little work in in and no lag I will give a five stars if it has little good and work in it and no lag Great!

Interesting but short lived The graphics are nice but once the ride is over, what's the point of keeping it on your phone. Yes, my Moto X lagged a bit when the on screen object count peaked but overall it was a pretty smooth ride. I don't own the proper 3d glasses to get the full experience but for what I saw it was well done. By the way, the ride starts automatically when your phone gets done parsing the code. You can pan your view by dragging your finger around the screen and the ride repeats indefinitely once it starts. Omg

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