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It's pretty good but the graphics aren't as good as the other roller coaster games. I like it. wow lol

I think that it is cool I think that you should make a few more games just like this THANK YOU!!!! Awesome

It is fun because you can do lofty loops. I wish you could make the roller coaster longer. Omg

Imh this game is sooooooo good no I change my mind it is amazing thanks fir making this game Fabulous!

EPIC! Perfect

EPIC! Worth a go!

EPIC! Surprisingly

EPIC! Enjoy it!

EPIC! Muito bom!

EPIC! Works great

EPIC! love it

EPIC! Surprisingly

EPIC! Flawless

EPIC! Not bad

EPIC! Perfect!

EPIC! Brilliant

EPIC! Awesome

EPIC! Just wow

EPIC! Must have

EPIC! Superb!

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