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Hey, guys! When am I getting the a gun, still nothing unlocked! Doesn't show any data on store Amazing!

I have tried to play this game many times and it won't activate. So I decided to go back after a month or so and try again and I was amaze that this time this game activated. WOW !!!! So I have reevaluate this to a (4) STARS. Good

I have tried several times to activate this game but failed to do so. Each time i tried to start this game all I get is magnitude of advertisement. I think that this game is a cover up for advertisement only Just wow

It is so awsome.!!!!!! Cool

Luv the graphics, but please improve the speed of shooting, that's the only problem. And the controls stop working sometimes. Fantastic

Awesome I love the game controllers are a ok if U upgrade those that would be great as well as the graphics this game will be in the top charted.☺☺☺ wow lol



Just wow

Well done!!


Worth it!


Enjoy it!

Great job

Its a very nice game, I love it so so much, I encourage you to download this amazing game, trust me you will gonna have a cool fun Great!

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