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I love this app download it every time I need to make a ringtone on new phone or whatever it's amazing I love it highly recommend Well done!!

This app is amazing! So easy to make your own ringtones. I have literally list hours of my life fine tuning ringtones, so satisfying!! Enjoy it!

Works well interface is excellent well worth D/L if you want your own ring tones or notification tones Omg

Super easy to make new rings just the part you love from a song cut it and you have a new ring every time wow lol

It works exactly as it should. I use it all the time. It has helpful, easy to use trimming and fading options as well as a few other options I haven't played with yet. Definitely a go to for ringer making. Just wow

I have had this app since 2013. I have even uograded phones since then and it still works like a charm. I customize everything without a problem and I can even edit music if I want too! It's not just about the Ringtones anymore. Love this app it has never given me a problem. Keep up the great work!!! Must have

Great app. I've been using it for years to turn my favorite songs into ringtones. It is awesome. Surprisingly

Amazing! So tired of ringtones that start at the beginning of middle of your favorite song. This works and let's you decide. AWESOME APP!! 5 star

What I like about this app is it gives you volume options as well as fade in/fade out options. Fabulous!

I would like to listen to a WHOLE recording several times BEFORE I edit. The staff did help with that. Just wish it was easier to use. Great job

Awesome app, really easy to take any sound or song and edit to become a ringtone or notification. Definitely recommend it Perfect

I use to absolutely love this app for making custom ringtones from my music on my phone but for some reason now when I add a song to my phone it doesn't get added to this app so I can't make it a ringtone. It just has all my old songs and nothing new that I've downloaded. I've tried everything to sync my music with this app but nothing is working. Worth a go!

Guys It Was Fun While I Used To Have MIUI 8 But This App Is Not Supported Anymore On My Redmi 3s Prime With MIUI 9.2. The Problem Is That Whenever I Try To Edit Any Song.. It Says "setDatasourcefailed. Just wow

I've been using this since 3 years ago and still my fave. It's easy, straight forward. Works great

Makes ringtones from my music, exactly where I want them. I can pick the part I like and make it long or short. And it is EASY. Fabulous!

I've been using this app for awhile now. And it does exactly what i need it to do. Great Job guus. Must have

This app is titally fun and im enjoying to use it.. Could be another app in my "dont-uninstall-app" list.. Love it 5 star

Great app! Love customizing my music to create individual ringtones for my contacts. Super easy to use. Must have

This app is awesome, easy to use and many features like fadding, and sound level control. Plus you can also make alarm tones. Its great Muito bom!

Amazing app very good I like I recomed everyone to by ave this app in there phone. Enjoy it!

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