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If it were able to read all of the music files on the MicroSD card, I'd give it a full Five stars. Hopefully, it will in an update. Otherwise, it is damn near the perfect ringtone maker. Cool

Its great. Really helpful. So many songs I'd love to have as my ringtone but they take too long to get to the part I like, this is a huge help. Brilliant

It's grate for making ring tones, notifications & alarms from music or other sounds Omg

I loved this. I downloaded this and a music app, and now I have my new ringtone! It's super handy and easy to use! I'm glad this isn't a scam app that does nothing. Omg

Hands down this app is GREATNESS!!! any song i have i can completely control how long i want the ringtone to be and i can start and end the song at exactly any point of the song and more its just a great and awesome app definitely recommend this one A++++ 5 star

Now and days the phone won't let you select music as a tone nor let you select a part of your choice thanks for this app to allow us to make that happen..... Recommend

Amazingly simple. I used this app many times before and use it to cut my mp3 files for ringtones. My latest one I just did is the part where Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook (no relation) of Squeeze go "Faith, mighty faith, the promise no one sees..." from their newest single "Innocence In Paradise". Or to any song I feel, and the ability to make it default. It even lets you make notification tones. 20 stars if I could. Marvelous

This is a great ap! I've used it for years. Now can fade in n fade out. For those who say it's "useless" bc phones can also select an mp3 file for ring tone... Did you bother to even take 5 minutes to explore the ap? This ap allows u to... Take Samples...out of your favorite mp3. (No phone does that yet.) Assign to ringtone, message, alarm, individual...etc. Ez to use if your IQ is greater than a gerbil. Perfect!

Works fine. Serves it's purpose. You can pick songs you have saved on your phone and edit them to the precise Spot and make ringtones with that edit, or you can make a 4 min song your ringtone haaha but that gets old quick. Good job on this App. Works great

I LOVE this app. It's easy and I'm able to convert my favorite Gospel Songs into brief ringtones starting at whatever starting point I desire. Great app..... Fabulous!

The UI is very outdated and the fade in fade out minimum time is 1 second, would be nice if you could make it as short as you like. Otherwise is a very good app Fabulous!

I have been using this app for 3 or 4 phones in the past last 6 or so years. Best ringtone maker I have come across. If there is an MP3 on your phone or SD card it will find it automatically for you to edit, it's that easy! Pretty good

It's simply the best for me to edit my songs for ring tones. Try it and you won't regret Amazing!

I love how I can edit any part of any song and assign different snippets to each contact. Fantastic

Omg thanks to technology hats off to the technicians who work hard to get things easy on playstore is so beautiful with such advanced you playstore for holding the world of ....personality...... Flawless

Best app so far ,am able to cut and set up my favourite gospel related songs as ringtones perfectly ..keep up the good work guys love it

This just works perfectly. Enables you to assign discover ringtones to specific people, as well as select the parts of a song you want as your ringtone. Perfect! I'd only it also worked with Spotify.... Perfect

Even if can use it. I wanted a ringtone that would start with a very small sound so I can get it shot off before people around me hear it. Then I wanted to get louder and louder so that I can hear it even if I'm in a loud environment. Great!

Easy to use, editing is easy. Have to tolerate lots of ads, but it's free. Definitely worth 5 stars! Works perfectly

You can't cut out the selection to edit, only to remove it so it takes a little more work to edit and the fade-in/out only works with mp3 formats. It works though. Perfect

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