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Let's me choose any part of any song I own to be a ringtone. Used it for years on multiple phones. Love it! Worth it!

I finally am able to locate the exact songs I want with no trouble!! This app is awesome! Amazing!

This is like the 10th app I downloaded to edit mp3s for a ringtone and literally the only one that actually worked! Awesome

I've been using this one for years! It's the only one that let's me adjust the volume and fade on the ringtones too. It's so easy and simple and I can make it sound perfect! Marvelous

I love this app. As long as u have songs downloaded to your phone u can make the ringtone you want Great job

I LOVE this app. All my favorite talks can be motivational notifications. All of my favorite songs become ringtones and alarms. I love being able to customize my phone! Thanks! Good

Very nice App please download it and Download it And Rate It And Give it Full Star Perfect!

It does make ringtones but not easily. Hard to find music if not saved to app's default file folder. It could be much easier and user friendly. Enjoy it!

It's simple to use and intuitive. Even when I switch phones, as long as I have my music, I can get my ringtones back in a jiffy. Surprisingly

This is by far the best app I have found to make ringtones!! I tried several others but they wouldn't download the whole song. Fantastic

Any song on my phone can be used as a different ringtone for each contact, it's pretty cool. Worth it!

Using since 2015.. awesome app Cut the required line from the song,& share .. impress your dear ones Recommend

Every feature you could ever want without the obtrusive ads, bloat, and terrible UI. Used the app for years and it has remained #1. wow lol

Best app for all the ringtone lovers I'm using this from many years. It prefers good sound quality also easy to use Fantastic

It does what it soposed to do let me make ringtones from any song in my phone. Great app. Enjoy it!

This is the original ring tone maker. Still the very best. Not broken, dont fix it. Go well

It's great! It works really well! I will recommend this to all of my friends! Thanks! I love how it lets me customise it and make it truly my own. 5 stars for you! Superb!

Have had this app for about 4 years and on six different phones and it's never let me down. 5 stars always. Highly Recommend.

Its an amazing App you can use it is so easy to understand and manage plus you can send and edit your ringtones❤ i love this app Pretty good

Very intuitive and smooth. Thank you. I missed having ringtones that I might actually get excited to hear. Must have

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