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Love it, inspirational songs are the BEST to wake up too. My advise to all, find you a good inspirational Christian song to wake up to....srarts you day off praising God and keeps a good vibe all day long for my .....give it a try, you have nothing to lose. Love love love it! 100 stars Baby! Fabulous!

Super easy to use. Make all your sounds the way you want them. No more fishing around hoping to find the right part of a sound bit. Seriously the best. Just wow

I love this it is so easily used. A great app is user friendly. And I can change notification or ringtone daily if I want. Great App!! Awesome

Just downloaded this app and it is nice and easy to use. It did everything I wanted it to do, and I could even assign different ringtones to different contacts! Worth it!

This app is great, been using it for years. I can't stand the stock ringtones that come with most new phones. This lets me use and edit any recoding. Love it. Works great

Don't have the exact reason. Just love it Fantastic

Good simple app for editing and saving ringtones, notifications, alarms, etc. right from your phone Brilliant

I always like this App very fun versatile to, set up different Ringtone for Each caller and allowed to cut it up to your Taste. Brilliant

it works perfectly ! I can choose any songs that I like and make it as my ringtone. the edited sound still stays even after I deleted the app. 10/10 ! 5 star

Fantastic!!! I was in a bit of a dither over how to make a song my ringtone, and this app not only did that but let me edit it as well! 200% satisfied Marvelous

Any song I've downloaded can become my ringtone, alarm, and notification of my choice!!!! I love this app!!!!! Cool

I'm happy with the following models and better than the other ringtone maker so I am sure you must have been working on the right now Not bad

I like every song that are scan but there a little glitch well I can figure it out happy birthday too me Pretty good

Gutted bought an album loaded it on computer then loaded onto my phone but ringtone cannot find any of my songs that come from cds Worth it!

It's a great app for making custom ringtones and alarms but the interface is abit laggy for example the volume switcher for the fade in and out option is a bit laggy on my phone so other than that, it's a great app and I really like it Highly Recommend.

This app is wonderful. Takes me back to my Motorola (L7) days. Plug it into the computer and crop away. Thanx for the memories guys... Works perfectly

My top #1 to make ringtones! This one is the one of the best i forever will used. Can't live without it :) Superb!

Excellent ringtone, notification time, etc maker. Has worked well with all of the Android phones I've used Surprisingly

PERFECT I love this app you can customize your ring tone or alarm to the millisecond and get the perfect sound you want :) Muito bom!

Been using this for years between 4 phones now. Does everything you need and nothing you don't, this one's perfect for the job of making ringtones and notifications Pretty good

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