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Not perfect... Good app but it has some bug when it comes to playing back the edited track. The Timer goes wrong. N joining more than two pieces of music goes wrong.

Perfect. Don't listen to bad reviews. Extremely easy to cut your selection, rename, install as your ringtone, fade in/out, increase volume. Everything you actually need. Thanks to the developer.

Nakul Bhardwaj Yaar bahoot acha hai!!! Its really a very helpful app for those who likes to keep songs as their ringtone and alarm tone toooo

I love it <3 i dont really understand these negative comments ppl say about this app i love it easy to use and fast i highly recommended it to anyone that wants to make their own ringtones !

Problem? It is a wonderful application, the only problem with it is I have to uninstall the application because it refuses to refresh when I get music. Please fix this problem.

E is for Excellent! This app couldn't be any easier. It doesn't have a bunch of adds or anything else. It's very unobtrusive. It's my go to app for creating ringtones.

The best app for ringtones ! I downloaded this app expecting it not to be very good but I tried it and it is extremely easy to customize my songs into cut off music for great ringtones I wish this had a hundred star rating

Annoying niggle Mp3 ringtone starts off very quiet then abruptly jumps up in loudness. No I don't have it set to ramp up volume in the settings. Please fix this.

Doesn't work on my phone? I have a Cricket Hydro by Kyocera and I cannot upload my recordings to my notifications or alarms. I can set something as my ringtone, but it is not on my list of options for ringtones so I can set it as my alarm, which is what I got the app for. If someone calls it would play, but it isn't in the list of options. Otherwise it would be a great app.

I l It does what its supposed to, I only use it to make ringtones out of the songs I have in my phone, so I don't have to buy

Best program ever. Fun to use. Precise navigation in the songs to create your own ring tones ..I love it!

It does the job Previously gave it 2 stars because sounds were coming from wrong speaker. That is actually a (now confirmed) bug on Xperia Z1 Compact 4.4 update. So as for this app, its alright. Basic gui but does the job nicely.

Great app So this only works with mp3 files. Will give it five stars once flac files are supported. Three updates since the dev and I talked. Still no .flac support :( good to hear that a prototype for .flac files is in the works!

BEST ON MARKET!! I had been using a diff app for ringtones for yrs until I got my G3S, then it stopped working. This app is easy UI, love the fade, grabs all sounds I need to create even my own notifications! Works perfect for me! Thnx to developers!!. Recommend to get Ringtone Maker APK.

I like...make any ringtone I want.! I can make any ringtone I want from any music I have on my phn. Trim n make louder. Great app.. Recommend to install Ringtone Maker APK.

Sexy..!!! I tried to copy some audio in the middle of a song but it is copied in the end.... Recommend to install Ringtone Maker APK.

#ringtone-creator Pointless now :-(! In reply to developer's comment - I tried refreshing, still doesn't show up any songs. The ringtones and alarms I had previously converted using the app are still shown in the app, but no other songs are visible. I'm afraid of losing even these converted ringtones if I uninstall and reinstall the app I cannot find the files of any of the songs through file managers either, the Google Music cache folder is "empty" even though all songs are available offline. I'm guessing this is to do with 4.2.2

#ringtone-creator Great App! This is an awesome app. Easy to use and understand. I've created several ringtones in less than an hour, and all exactly as I want them. This is a simple app and well worth installing for those wanting custom ringtones.

#ringtone-creator Love the app but...! It force closes too much and sometimes gets annoying. Otherwise, the app is incredible.

#ringtone-creator Sometimey! The application only plays songs when it wants to. I click on a song but never get to preview the music or edit. When it does decide to work its flawless

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