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I love it you can just go to settings and make a short song then us this app and get your ringtone I love it #best app Flawless

This app is better than other apps, because this is very easy to make "Ringtone " and used too.. Works great

This is a straightforward app for editing songs or recorded audio clips to use for ringtones, notifications, and alarms on your Android. It's easy to use! Good

Very good , trustworthy and easy to use ringtone maker . Best ive tried! Thank you Surprisingly

So far so good. I can personalize all of my ringtones not sure about notifications yet but so far I like it. It's so easy. I like easy. Thank you for making this. Awesome

I love that they give you the ability to increase the volume output on whatever you're editing! I find that to be very amazing!! good job on this app!!! Just wow

Edit and turn your favorite song into a ring tone. It's exactly what your looking for! Brilliant

Without a doubt the best ringtone app out there. I tried a lot of em but this one... does everything with no lag. Full control. Just perfect! Edit: still using to this day and wouldnt change it. Cool

Just had to figure out how to download songs from Google Play to my phone (go on comp, go to music, hover over 3 dots next to song and click download to desktop, drag file to android file transfer window that opens when you hook your phone up to comp and add to file ringtones and/or music,) which took like 3 min it's easy to use the app. Now I wake up happy, to the Jurassic park theme obviously! Worth it!

One of the best editing ringtone makers. I've had it for awhile and haven't switched yet. Thumbs UP 5 star

So easy to understand and do. Loved it. I've tried others and gave up but this is fun Flawless

I absolutely love this app it gives me everything I want you could not ask for a better app it's 100% on. Muito bom!

Way better than the stupid top rated one. Literally so simple and clean you won't regret this download. Works great

When people hear my ring tone they wonder where I got it from. I tell them about this app and they are impressed. Thanks. Fantastic

খুবি সহজেই রিংটোন সেটিং করা যায়। অনেক ভাল এইটা অ্যাপ Not bad

Once you figure out how to download songs from your phone to this app, took me many tries, it's awesome! Ringtone can be trimmed or set for the amount of time you like, including the entire song! So far, once I figured out how to download, I'm loving it! FYI, I'm on a Droid Z Force Fantastic

Good app to have your customised ringtones with fade in fade out trim volume up/down and much more Recommend

I use this app every time I get a new phone to make custom ringtones from songs I downloaded on my phone for contacts and notifications. Great app as long as u know how to use it Fabulous!

I love it It's so easy to use. The best ringtone maker ever. I would give it ten star's. Awesome

The best ringtone app ever!!!!! A must have app. I love the editing and ability to assign any song on my phone to anyone in my contacts. AMAZING!! Fantastic

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