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Absolutely LOVE this app! Easy to use, works great! Have used it for over a year with no problems! Worth it!

It allows you to make ringtones and fade in and out to make the ringtone personalized the way you want. Superb!

Super easy to use and the ability to turn favorite songs into ringtones is FABULOUS! Amazing!

I had this on my phone before and it was great .My phone has now crashed reloaded it how do I get my songs back on here to convert to ringtones? Went to your tutorial page but doesn't tell you how to get your songs in there please help Just wow

This is what it needs to be for a ringtone apps, theres only one flaw, the ui is quite ugly, but its not so important. Anyway, five star for you! Marvelous

Very easy to use app , gives you just what you need to edit clips or songs for ringtones or just general purpose use...i lost the app and have downloaded it again just because I know it and enjoy it's stability and small footprint. Surprisingly

Best ringtone maker I've ever used!!! Would recommend to everyone wanting to make their own text/ring tones Brilliant

I've had this for a long time. Any time I get a new phone I download this app. Works great. *edit: First reviewed this April 2016 and gave it 5 stars. It's almost two years later and this is still the app I use. I like that it's easy to customize which part of a song I want to use. Worth a go!

Had this app for a long time, then I tried others, come back to this one looks like I'm here to stay best yet in my book Muito bom!

I love this app!!! The only con is some of my songs don't transfer over; not sure if this is an issue with the app or my cell. love it

AWESOME APP When I selected this app, I was thrilled to see that over 50 million people use it. It does what it says it will do. It makes awesome, precise ringtones and I love it. Thank you for a great app. Go well

I was trying to use custom method to add custom notification tones on my S6edge plus after using this app it helps alot so simple and quick app love it Flawless

Awesome I've installed this app on every one of my phones since 2013... U need to save music on your device to custom your own ringtone!! Muito bom!

Love it. I can transfer my favorite songs from my computer to my phone and the app gets it right away! This app is a must have if you want custom ringtones. As in songs you want for free. Works great

Its my new favorite ringtone app it's the best 1 ever I'm in love with it thank you so very much whoever created this app. Fantastic


I just make ringtones I love my songs and I can edit it to any point in the song if I want to just hear a guitar solo for an alarm I can do that Well done!!

IT'S SUPERB. It works very perfectly .Can edit any song on my Google play music. Marvelous

Your music files*. Great app to cut that part of a song that you want to become your ringtone Pretty good

Like this app alot I can edit any song on my phone cut it down put in effects. Really easy awesome options. Good

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