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It's very nice,easy to use and I like it very much.I am keeping this app,eversince I bought android mobile. Highly Recommend.

Great app that allows you to get exactly the ringtone you want, without too much trouble. Solid 5 stars. Just wow

This is the best ringtone maker hands down! I tried another when this one crashed, but this one is better so I went back to it. All I needed to do was unload and reload and it works great now. This one is flexible and I live that it lets me edit the song to just get the music or the words, or whatever part of a song that I want! Fantastic

Its a nice app but make an update for the interface and new buttons. Update the whole appearance Superb!

I've used this app since I could possibly remember. I'm 29 so its been 14 years in counting that I use this app !!!!! I love yal Pretty good

It's very much useful but still it needs updates much more. I although appreciate your work. Just wow

The best I've found. Had this app on a few of my phones and still the best. 10/10 would recommend. Not bad

I love this app it's the best one out there. It's so easy to use. I mean like super easy. When i first got this i thought it was going to be hard but it wasn't, i love this 5 star

Best app I've tried for converting videos on my phone into mp3. Actually the only app that worked wow lol

عــــــــ Highly Recommend.

Kudos to the developer for making an app that does what it's supposed to do and doesnt crash. love it

I've had this app for a while and it always wrks...haven't had a problem with it so far Brilliant

I love that I can make new ringtone with this. I just wish I could store it on my sd card so when I get a new phone I don't have to start over. Also so it doesn't take up so much of my internal space... Not bad

This app is is good but it needs to allow you to magnify your selection alot more. It would make it alot more accurate. Great job

It's honestly the best app for making ringtones. If there was a paid version to remove ads, I'd buy it. Worth a go!

This app is really really easy to use. You can make your favorite song or sound your ringtone or your notification sound! It's amazing!!! Amazing!

I love this more than anything on the Earth perfect never have an issue with it at all Fantastic

Love this app... Always useful.. its like some same person like me prepared this app.. loving it Enjoy it!

I just like the fact i can edit which part of a song or sound bite i want to use. Plus u can fade the sound in and out. Its pretty cool Muito bom!

Love this app. Takes songs out of your library so you can edit them as you please. Easy to use. Easy to make Go well

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