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Great program. Allows me to clip bits from d/l'ed music into custom ringtones. 3 thumbs up! Fabulous!

I haven't used my ring tones in over a year, changed phones and putting them back on was less than 30 seconds, downloaded ogg files from. An old email, done. Works perfectly

Amazing app. Just what I need. I've been using it for years! Haven't found something to replace it. Fabulous!

Easy to make ringtones on the go if you know where your files are The Assign to contact button if buggy Great job

Its a fantastic app ...anyone can make ringtones using this app very easily...thnks Marvelous

The other ringtone makers don't have a browse files function, this is the only good app Cool

Have been using this since years now !! My devices have changed but not this app. Enjoy it!

दोबारा मत पूछना 5 स्टार तो दिया। Highly Recommend.

Makes ringtone or notification out of any song. Imagine that, an app that does what it says. Worth it!

A fantastic open source intuitive ringtone maker & ringtone assigner. I just wish it supported .ogg .flac. Must have

Great app. I have had this app on 3 different phones now and it has worked great on all of my past and present devices. Pretty good

Great up! Perfect for making your own sounds for notifications, ringtons, etc. Recommend it to everyone. Perfect!

Extend length of recording time...PLEASE!!! Seems everytime I record something... 15sec. is all I get!!! Go well

I've used for years. Never fails me. Always have the BEST ringtones thanks to ringtone maker Enjoy it!

Has served the purpose to assign custom made mp3 ringtones to specific contacts.... Better than other apps i came across n better in functionality Muito bom!

Have used this for years, so easy. Cut bits out of Richard Cheese's Enter Sandman and the 8bit version of Welcome to the Jungle. Each took about 5 minutes to play with. Does what it need a to without pushing ads in your face or requiring any track editting skills. Cool

With a little maneuvering, I found how to create ring tones and add them to message center and email. So now you get an upgrade to 4 1/2. Keep improving the quality of the app and I'll review it again for another grade. Just wow

Love it!! Sweet and simple. Very easy to get exactly what you want and efficient enough to enjoy!! Brilliant

Have had this app for about 4 years. It's my go too. It's easy to use and I always make my Ringtone this way. Have tried others but didn't like nearly as much. Have used with multiple phones and never had an issue. Highly Recommend.

The only one I really got to work. Simple and quick. Make a ringtone on the fly. Just need a good mp3 downloader and your set Go well

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