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I have used this app almost 6 years and over 3 phones. I love it more than sleep Worth a go!

So easy to make any ringtone I want. Never had to buy ringtones or notifications again. Superb!

This is the best app to make ring tones on your phone. It is so simple that anyone can learn to use within seconds to have their very own ring tones. Enjoy it!

It works. Depending where you get your files from, you may not be able to use the fade option because it only supports mp3's Surprisingly

I have had this app since 2013. I have even changed phones since then and it still works like a charm. I customize everything without a problem and I can even edit music! It's not just about the Ringtones anymore. Love this app it has never given me a problem. Keep up the great work!!! Great job

I been using this app for over a year now and still works great , edit how want and love the advance choice Go well

I've been using this app since 2010. Best app by far to make your own custom ringtone. Keep slaying ✌ Amazing!

Fairly easy and intuitive to use. Make all my ring tones and notifications completely personalized. No more cheesy synthesized sounds. Any song or short excerpt of a song that I already know I like, I can use. Great app! Not bad

Anyone that actually knows what they're doing in reguards to "making their own ringtones" that doesn't give the app 5 stars is just insane! Great app! Brilliant

I can pick any part of a song and make it into a ringtone or notification sound. Pretty good

It's perfect for making certain parts of a song my ringtone or notification sound! Love it Enjoy it!

Needs a guide and a feature for ringback tones but other than that works perfect and does the job Marvelous

This is absolutely fantastic I really like this app its very useful and so pretty app Highly Recommend.

The other ringtone makers don't have a browse files function, this is the only good app Update: when you zoom in and out, it changes the start and end times slightly 5 star

Great wee app, you can select what part of the song you want as your ringtone, notification sound or even alarm tone, when you got the part you want, hit save icon, select the setting you want eg alarm notification or ringtone then hit save, and your sorted... Great job

I've made tons of great ringtones and text notification tones using my favorite songs and sound clips! Recommend

Some of my music is coming up "chopped & screwed" when trying to use as a ringtone Perfect

Always works for me never have any problems ... and that's saying something bcuz I normally have issues with these kings of apps .. Worth a go!

Best app ever I love how I can turn my favorite songs into ringtones and notifications. And all of it is free and as long as I have had it no pop ups. Easy to use and fun just to mess around with. Well done!!

Awesome app that lets you make any song you have into a ringtone and even choose the length of the ringtone as well as to contacts or as an alarm tone. Def recommend! Flawless

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