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close to what Im looking for Need to be able to set up dates as well. I have meetings one a month, it would be nice to add a rule ex: 01/03/16 silent 6p - 8p repeat monthly emergency calls pass thru allowed. Needed badly, Id buy the app if it was fully equipped Great job

Exactly what I needed! Can set different times to go from silent to volume etc on different days. If you turn the volume down or up during a set volume time it automatically pops up to give you the option to resume the set mode after however many minutes you select. Awesome app! Love it! Brilliant

Update to Android 5.1.1 seems to have broken this on my Note 4. Maybe an overly aggressive app optimizer? Tried to turn off optimization on it but it didn't work. This app deserves 5 stars. It allows for multiple starts/stops of silent mode and worked great for years. Wish it could also make the phone go in/out of airplane mode without rooting phone, though. Recommend

Simple, Exactly what I need. Have used on 3 devices now from 2.4 -6.0. Works better than any other apps I have tried. Why phones STILL aren't made with this feature I do not know. Highly Recommend.

Not so good lately After update to 6.0 very often it does just first task but not second (I have set it to set volume down an 8 a.m. and to restore it to 100% at 4 p.m. it does not restore it to 100% quite often ) Surprisingly

Excellent App Keeps me from being embarrassed by phone calls when I am in a regularly scheduled no-phone time like class or church. Not bad

Does exactly what I needed. I'm on my 4th Android phone and this is the first app I install. And so easy to use!

Just what I needed♥ No more worries, just set & forget.♥♥♥Been in use since 1/2014. No problems, ever! Yea!! Update: Took a break & turned off my ringer completely but I'm back. This is my go to ringer app, no other will do. Thanks much

Great app! Used this app on all phones. Very simple and easy to use. Makes ringer noise a non-issue. Well done!

No frills and no mistakes I use this to make sure my phone is off during every class and it handles the wierd schedule like a champ. My only is that it's a list of numbers which gets confusing once you have more than 7 but it's not really that big of a deal since you just need to set it and never look again

So easy to use Does exactly what I need when I need it. my last phone had this type of feature build into the programming. But since this one didn't, I found this app to be the best replacement. Only issue is it sometimes pops up the resume scheduler while I'm trying to record video, stopping my recording instantly.

Works Great! Does everything it's supposed to, every day without fail. No annoying nag screens or anything. Thanks!!

Just What I Needed This app has a simple interface that allows me to automate ring modes. At 8:00 on weekdays my phone goes to vibrate then at 4:00 it turns the sound back on.

After all these years... Still my favorite app, and the most reliable and frequently used app. I can't count how many times it saved by bacon. Every phone needs Ring Scheduler.

Cari Love this app great for turning phone off when needed....up date up graded my S 5 to lollipop and it has constant errors won't work...hoping it gets fixed because I love this app

Miclub Wonderfully useful app. Never fails. It was just as good with Galaxy S3, unfortunately with Samsung S6 edge it doesn't work. Any plans to make it compatible? I'm Awesome

Miclub Wonderfully useful app. Never fails. It was just as good with Galaxy S3, unfortunately with Samsung S6 edge it doesn't work. Any plans to make it compatible? I'm

Pretty useful! What I was looking for. Could use an end time for one time silent, I cannot find it.

Works great - saves battery. Enjoy it!

A Good Nights Sleep At Last. Perfect!

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