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Game is fun. Even with ads. However, 4/5 times if I watch an ad to revive, either the Ad doesn't load, or the game never resumes. I have to close the app and reopen it, and several times it has caused me to fail a challenge Brilliant

This game was great at first. I was addicted. I even paid the extra money to get rid of the ads. But after a while it gets repetitive and boring. After you get all the cars, after the quests that are to hard and unrealistic and the levels that is is basically impossible to get 3 stars on even the easy levels, it's just not fun anymore and I actually get annoyed by the fact that I still have the game on my phone. The bugs are also really bad. Fix the bugs and controls and I will redownload. Sorry for the harsh review but it had to be said. love it

A simple game, controls are not very intuitive but you get used to them. I paid to remove ads but even then the 'offered optional' ads are by far the best way to get gems. I feel ripped off. Marvelous

Overall it is a good game, but the physics just dont make sense most of the time. It can be a flat ground and your bike pops up as if there was a bump. Sometimes when you land vertically your bike goes backwards and lands on its top, when in reality forward motion should be flipping forward on its wheels. Amazing!

I was wondering, sometimes I get a really high score and I'm close to getting a new highscore, die, and don't get the option to revive?? What are the requirements for getting that option, and I'd like the choice of either a video or 200 gems, not just one, please respond. If you fix this I'll rate 5 stars, thanks! Flawless

I think you guys should add a flip button or make it into to something else because holding to drive and flip is really difficult for some people because if you are going of a low ramp and accidentally hold to drive it will just fill and u will die. Otherwise the game is really good Superb!

I love this game a lot. The only problem I have would it is that the vehicles move very slow and everything glitches. I hope this can be fixed. Must have

For such a simple concept this is a really fun game! I find myself trying to squeeze out as many flips as possible in all the jumps. Graphically it's very nice considering it's such a simple UI. Great fun, quick and easy time killer 5/5 Must have

Fun time killer but it takes up a lot of mobile data. Could be just a problem with my phone but beware if you don't have a big data plan because this game eats it up. Other than that it's simple and fun Works great

I do like this game, but it is really just not made well. There are lots of parts were the road is janky at best and one obstacle tries to throw you but it glitches halfway through you and kills you, and it is beyond your control. Fix your game! Fabulous!

This helped me help my friend overcome his drug addiction every night we would yell at each other him saying that he needs drugs .me saying he dosent need it to be happy. Then after finding this game and showing it to him he stopped doing drugs and started playing this .he hasnt slept or eat anything for three days. Well at least this addiction is better. Great!

Game crashes sometimes when ads play. Fix and I will up to 5 stars. Part of the appeal to this game is the simplicity of the controls, but I feel a bit more could be done here. At times I wish I could spin in the other direction, perhaps split up the screen and one half flips one way and vice versa. Just a thought. Highly Recommend.

I don't really play mobile games so much... Because they're mostly terrible. But this one is an exception. It's one of the only android games out there which is actually fun. Must have

Addictive game, well worth the price to remove ads and double coins to support devs. Will keep me occupied for the next month! Only criticism is that every new bike unlock forces you to use that new one. I hate having to keep changing back to my favourite. Great job

I think this simple mobile game is great! Its fun and exciting. The only thing that i dont really like is that even when you hold down on the screen it flips fowards. So when youre playing you should make it so when you touch the left of the screen you flip backwards or drive backwards. Other then that its an awesome game! Keep it up! Not bad

It was great from the beginning, but began bugging out shortly there after. I was completely addicted until the bike began stopping randomly and the obstacles weren't positioned properly. Could be a 5 star game if they completed these bugs with the updates they've done. Enjoy it!

KETCHAPP DO IT AGAIN!! BRILLIANT! So simple yet so much annoying fun lol. Outstanding gameplay for such a simple game. Could do with some good in-app purchases though. Could youtell me ifthe cars and bikes differ in speed and agility? Amazing!

I watched an ad to continue where I was because I was so close to doing one of the missions, and it put me back to the menu. So annoyed. I'll just try again, but it was along as all for nothing. Great!

Game in extremely glitchy. Causes me to crash when it lags on my note and sometimes locks up after I crash and won't reload the main menu. Wish it worked better because when it works it really fun Fantastic

Please let me remove or skip the revive pop-up at the end of a ride. It so annoying, time consuming and feels like cheating. Else would be a great game Good

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