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Update: Credit where it's due - I noticed a common theme to the crashing ads, emailed the devs and in less than 12 hours, a new update is out and after some testing the issue seems to be fixed. So, as you were - five stars restored. A great, fun, simple time killer. Great job

I love this game. But it has some problems that has been not fixed aa they said. At the start of the game. You drive a little bit and then it fast forwards the gameplay and then you see that you vehicle has been exploded. It doesn't happen sooo many times but this happened to me 3 times. But everything is good. It's very fun to compete with friends. My record is 95 right now. But i just started to play this game 2 days ago. That makes sense. Muito bom!

This game is absolutely satisfying. The graphics are so bright and it kinda fits with the colors I guess...? First time I played this game the controls are difficult but I got a hang of it. All I can say, just like before is THIS IS ABSOLUTELY SATISFYING. Worth a go!

EDIT: The "restore purchses" button does not work for me. I'm not paying twice. Great simple addictive game. I enjoy the endless mode as well as the very creative levels in level mode. The only complaint I have is the collision detection and physics glitches that cause your vehicle to flip on flat ground or to clip through obstacles. Total bummer when you're close to a high score. Cool

I love this game! It is so addicting, and the graphics are awesome! Just one tiny thing that you creators should improve, and that is to reduce the lag. My high score is 149, what's yours? And one more thing: if you don't want any more ads, just turn off the WiFi! 5 star

Horrendous controls. Accelerate and flip are the same thing. Would much prefer a flip forward/backwards option as well as accelerate. Just awful. Shame as this is a tried and tested formula. Surprised the controls have been so badly neglected. Nice 'tron' graphics but that's about it. wow lol

Rider is a great game that allows the player to pimp the selected ride and play across multiple maps as an attempt to beat the the persons highscore, which is basically the games goal. However there are a few noticeable glitches through out the game. It's brilliant for train and car journeys, etc. My personal rating is 5 stars. Must have

Addendum: I have bought the game 4 times instill the ads remain I may have bought it a fifth time but I have screens test prove my purchases and catch up will not respond to my emails I wish they would because I could send them screenshots of some bugs and choppy play .......................................................... I am glad that ketchapp has something new and fresh it seems like the games get better all the time. Within 2 minutes I loved it and purchase double coins and no ads the things are awesome I love it I just love it 5 star

Great game, really fun to just pop in and out of throughout the day. I don't know why some people are complaining about it being too hard. It can be challenging, but it's not unfair. Four stars instead of five because, like others, the game often gets stuck trying to load an ad and I have to restart. I'm sure they'll patch it soon though. EDIT: They patched the ad glitch, so I've given them a fifth star. Good work guys. Omg

I would give it more stars but it keeps freezing in me after the 3rd or 4th wreck. And it lags it goes slow most of the time I'm playing. Its like a 1/3 of the speed it should be. wow lol

Good game, can be fun but the control system means you can be travelling down a flat stretch and flip onto your back and die for no reason. As such it becomes frustrating quite quickly. On the jumps I understand, but on a flat road system? Poor design Amazing!

Great game! Very challenging, but it gives you that sense of satisfaction when you manage to multiple flips and get new high scores! The bike spinner is very balanced, however I feel like it is giving me more epics than rare and common. Don't fix that though, but I really appreciate the amount of effort that went into this game! love it

Great simple addictive game. I enjoy the endless mode as well as the very creative levels in level mode. The only complaint I have is the collision detection and physics glitches that cause your vehicle to flip on flat ground or to clip through obstacles. Total bummer when you're close to a high score. Worth a go!

The game is very fun. I did find a glitch where you can launch yourself backwards out of the map with certain combinations of obstacles. For example, the vertical launcher leading into a steep hill. Not bad

The random boards makes the game interesting. The cars all seem to have there own set of stats that you can't see, so the game makes you use your instincts to decide what is the best for you. If you get bored of the randomness then you can try out the levels to challenge your self and to see what you really can do in the game. This game keeps me busy. I like the constant change up while having the challenge. Perfect!

I love this game. I would recommend this to anyone. Sadly though, there's hardly any YouTube content about this game. So I think there should be more ads about it. So just do that and make sure u really get the word out so that youtubers can make videos on the game. Fantastic

I love everything about this game, but I recently had to reset my phone and when I reinstalled and hit restore purcahes from the options menu (I had previously bought the x2 gems + no ads) it comes up with Google's circle loading icon for a second, disappears and doesn't restore my purchase. Well done!!

A wonderful, long-lasting game, thanks! The bike does bug-out from time to time and gets stuck on it's front wheel, especially at the seems between jump. And a suggestions: have a countdown after the pause menu, as many times a run has failed after the game thought I'm accelerating after exiting the pause menu. Perfect

Really fun game after you get the hang of it though there is an odd split in the style of obstacles. Around 80% of them don't care how fast you are going and keeps the flow of the game fast paced while the other 20% are purely timing based. Those 20% of them really kills the flow of the game and makes it a lot less fun to play. Worth a go!

Game is very fun. However, the challenges frustrating because the game is too buggy to require you to score high five times in a row. Superb!

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