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I like the simple controls and the graphis are nice, even if they are a bunch of basic shapes. On the other hand, I feel that gameplay lacks where you only have levels and the endless mode. Also, I think a track builder would be cool. Not like a complicated one, all you'd have to do is select what kind of section you want to place (e.g loops and booster ramps) and they'd snap so OCD wouldn't be an issue. Maybe also you'd be able to compete in races and if you win you get a reward, like 200 gems or a random vehicle. Just a suggestion. All in all, great game I love it!! Omg

Typical Ketchapp game - perfect for bathroom visits. The game falls short, however, with a complete lack of structured levels, no performance variations between vehicles (other than how they look, they all perform the same) as well as the absence of special abilities and powerups. The physics can be aggravating, as the vehicle will randomly flip over or come to a halt on flat surfaces. Enjoy it!

Quite above average. It would be much better if the physics weren't so inconsistent. Also, a gem counter would be much appreciated, keeping count in the thick of it is practically impossible. Another thing I dislike is the bonus reward. An advertisement? Really? Other than those things, it is a fairly satisfying time-waster with nice progression. Worth a go!

I love the game, and it has excellent graphics, but it would be good if you could lean backwards as well as forwards. Also, sometimes when I land a big jump my bike explodes, even though I landed on my wheels. The game also crashes to much, especially after you have watched an add. Occasionally everything turns into black boxes instead of the normal sprites witch is a big annoying but can be easily fixed by restarting the asp. Apart from this, the game is great. wow lol

Awesome Game!! Really I like this game. I dont even have words to describe it. Totally Fantastic... Whatever you say, this is totally cool. But I have a request...please add a column of legendary bikes. Like there is Common, Rares, Epics, and Specials , there should be a column of legendary. Waiting eagerly for the next update. Thanks a lot of making this fabulous game. And I would also like to appreciate the colours and graphics of this game. Thanks to the team for making this game. I advice this game to those who are looking for cool new games. Please install it and have FUN!!!! Dont just look at the pics, install and you'll be amazed. Recommend

Game is fun, but at around 50 pts the obsticals become almost random chance of you proceeding. It is also a big change to how the game was being played, first you are going fast and getting tons of flips, all of a sudden you are waiting for this circle with a hole to spin to the right spot. This part of the game sucks and isn't fun at all Muito bom!

Addictive game to pass the time. Need a gem counter though. Once you get to the hardest challenges of collecting exactly n gems 4x it gets difficult to keep track of how many gems you have collected. Also the moving parts of the track don't trigger properly when you use a free revive. Just wow

The game is fine and good to kill time, but I paid to remove ads and soon after my phone needed a matter reset. After I re-downloaded the app it didn't restore my purchase. Even though there's a "restore purchases" option. Play the game, don't give them money. Pretty good

9 times out of 10 mobile games are ruined for me cause of the controls. The controls are perfect in this game. Definitely worth it to play and I 100% recommend paying the $2 to support the devs just so they continue to make great games :). Pretty good

Easily one of the best arcade games on Google Play Store. Would be of a benefit to add advanced controls (other than just one tap driving/flipping). Also I would personally like to see an option for custom background/neon color change, and I don't even mind paying for that :) Just wow

Great game, easy to play, addicting... but physics started going wonky and ruining it. Random flying or hugging the track, spontaneous crashes, inconsistent driving... When you're past goal 30 these start to get really annoying, as one small wonk means you have to start over. Uber aggravating. Must have

With the launch pad which flings you forward, my car got that launch stick stuck right through it around five yes in the last few days. An unacceptable bug along with many others. Apart from that, this is quite a fun game wow lol

Absolutely brilliant Great game truly well made. Smooth gameplay, excellent graphics and we'll built levels. Some of the levels seem almost impossible, but the feeling you get from completing them all is the best. Plus the endless mode challenges are really well thought out and add that little something extra that prevents it from becoming repetitive and boring. Well done guys. Well done!!

I don't like this game boring and can't complete the levels too hard and the cars r all so slow when I play it but when I first got the game they were fast. Fix game cuz then it's just boring and useless on my device. Good

Would and will give 5 star. But would like to see a gem counter. It gets rather tough keeping count. Also I noticed sometimes that when come across the areas that have the 4-5 flat spiked walls that you have to time just right. When I die and revive they all seem to sync up together making it impossible to go under. I'll try and screenshot it next time. All in all great job and awesome game. Maybe a custom map feature for future. Possibly added to the no ads fee. Would be worth it then. Well done!!

Awesome game, definitely recommend to play, but after a little while when I would open the app a window would pop up that said "Runtime error". Don't know what that means but when I would close the window it would say "rider has stopped". Please fix then I'll give five stars. Enjoy it!

The game is fun and all, but there are just SO many ads. And to add to that, the game crashes all the time. It's not a problem with my phone, all my other apps work completely fine. This one just goes black screen on me and stops working often. Great job

Hey devs! I love the game! One problem Epic bikes are cool. They look amazing. But they don't drive good. They flip by them selves and can't go fast enough. You guys should fix them. Great game! Keep up the good work. Worth it!

Love it except the screen sometimes goea blank. Its a great way to pasa time when youre super bored! It is nice challemging yourself too. I wish there was an option where you could race other players or a competition to see who can get the most points. Great!

This game is great! I really dont like mobile games but this is amazing! Controls could be little better. And its really nice that this game hasnt got pop up ads Muito bom!

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