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This game is my favorite game ever. The graphics are amazing, the controls are great. I can't seem to find anything wrong with this game. Me and my brother love playing it. I also like that it is available on Google Play Store and the Appstore on iPhones. My old phone was an iPhone, and when I got my new phone I was worried that I wouldn't be able to play it, but thanks to Ketchapp and Google Play Store, I can still play it!! Also, I would like to suggest that you add a feature that allows you to create your own level, but it's not something you have to add, it's just something I think would make the game absolutely perfect for me. Then again, you may already have that feature and I haven't seen it/gotten to it yet. Anyway, it's an amazing game, and I hope Ketchapp keeps making amazing games like this!!! (BTW, Ketchapp games are my absolute FAV.) Thank you!! Good

I think it is a really great game.  Very well done.  The only issue I have is that every time I click on my vehicle inventory, the app closes and my phone says "Unfortunately, Rider has stopped working".  It would be really great if this bug could be fixed.  Thank you!! Highly Recommend.

This game is very addictive with it's simple control and challenging learning curve. Absolutely free and you arent pestered by ads though they are present. You just dont have to engage them more often than not. I find this game incredibly entertaining and well made. I'd highly recommend this game to anyone. Not bad

This game has a simple yet addictive concept behind it, and great physics. Only one thing puzzles me, and that is that whenever I pay for a new car, it deducts money. Whenever I revive myself, I receive free coins. This is fine but perplexing. Also, I would like it if the price of a new car didn't constantly go up. Apart from that, I loved this game!!! :-) Great job

Fun Game, really enjoying it and played to remove adds and double gems, but I enjoy doing the challanges, is there anyway to put the challenges progress on screen during the run? For example collect between 20 and 25 gems in 1 run, maybe a progress bar at the bottom of the screen instead of having to pause gameplay as it's difficult when using one hand or lay down. 5 star

The game is pretty fun, but I wish the controls were universal for all the vehicle skins. Also, sometimes the the spring platforms will glitch through the vehicle and destroy it instead of launching it in the air. It has made completing some the challenges extremely frustrating. Great job

This game is honestly really fun. I've played it almost nonstop for about a week now, it's a great timekiller. My only concern is that on my Motorola E 3rd generation, the screen goes black after the first "Ketchapp" red screen and the game doesn't start. Please fix :)) Fabulous!

The reason that I gave this game a four is because I would just like one thing added, I'd it is possible could you maybe have a button that means that you can skip the challenge but maybe to make it more tricky u have to pay? Correct me I there already is one but I am just stuck in level 27 and I really want to do a different one. Thanks for the amazing game apart from that though, it is so addictive and I highly recommend it. Just make that change and Will change my rating to fine! Thanks again! Good

Would give more stars because it was fun and addicting but now that I have all of the bikes I have so many gems and nothing to spend them on. Please update with some new bikes. If not I'm going to delete to make room for something else. Also, it is lagging a lot more than it used to and causing me to die making it frustrating. Brilliant

Good, but not perfect. Things break, physics aren't the best, but the game is still holding up well. Although I'd like to point out the horrendous challenges. A lot of then want you to score "not more than" some amount of points, which is entirely counterintuitive. Must have

This is a good game but there are issues that just can't be over looked. Some of the physics just don't make sense. There have been times where I flip over on a flat surface or the speed boost don't shoot me far enough. Also, a gem counter for the level would be nice, it can get too difficult to keep track of them while trying to maintain the vehicle on the track. Good

This game is awesome! But the controls are not so good..... I have to constantly remind myself I cant flip forward But only backwards and its pretty annoying and it makes me die all the time so if you can fix this problem it would be great! Thanks and awesome game! Cool

Overall great game....but...what kind of car has no breaks or front flips. There should be to controls a gas/back flip and brake/front flip. After a while it gets frustrating that once you press for even a little bit too long there's no way to recover....time to download some other bike game that has better controls...uninstalled Superb!

Graphics and gameplay are fun. Those who complain about the obstacles need to learn some strategy. My only issues are that there are some bumps in the road that you cannot see because they are just pixels, but they still can affect your vehicles (ie flying them across their backs.) Also, the speed of the game changes a lot and no matyer how much I clear the cache, it still goes from slow to fast. This can be really annoying at times. Works great

It is an epic game. If you are thinking about whether to buy it or not, you should. No complaints. If it is glitching a lot, then restarts your device. The game is five stars in everything, and I love the idea of levels, free play, collecting money (shards) and buying new bikes and cars. Keep it up and make more!!! Worth it!

Great game, fun to play, keeps me busy but omg the cars move very weird. Invisible things make the car jump, rotate, crash. Terrible. You really need to fix those glitches. And after 3 rounds I need to restart the game because it's awfully laggy. Really unplayable. Fix those things and you have me as a fan Marvelous

The idea behind the game is amazing but they made the physics unbelievably terrible and it sometimes makes u spin randomly and end up upsidedown and you die. Also the obstacles you get are randomised so you can have a slow one and then a fast one but then u don't have enough speed and you end up dead and your car/motorbike will get tripped up by a small hump in the track where you once again die. NEEDS WORK!! Amazing!

Great addicting games but alas, a couple of things. The controls add to the challenge but there is no break system, the challenges are not really challenges, get x amount of gems, get x amount of points. It breaks the speed and rhythm of the game. That's not fun, that's a pain in the nether realm. The collision is finicky, and some of the obstacles are down right stupid, others stupidly hard to the point you know your going to die when you see it. Could do with more work, but still fun Go well

I'm so obsessed with it. It has awesome graphics and sounds. Plus it's so exciting. Although, it would be great if there was a gem counter for every challenge run, cuz it's hard to count the gems you collect when you're asked to get a particular number Good

Controls are definitely a little wonky. It's a bit frustrating when your getting close to beating your high score and you hit an invisible bump that slows you down so you don't make a jump. There have even been times when I've landed a seemingly perfect jump and died for literally no reason. wow lol

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