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Good game I figured out why I couldn't buy the bikes anymore Fabulous!

Please fix the little bumps in the road that don't belong there they tend to flip vehicles even at very slow speeds and fix the gap between the ramps and the moving ramps that make a loop because this has caused many of your thin bike vehicles unusable since they slip threw the crack every time. Still like the game. Worth a go!

Pretty game that needs some work overall. Lots of instances where I explode for no other reason than the bike glitched out. A lot of the obstacles have to have exact speeds and with having only 1 button being move forward it becomes a tap very lightly to move forward or die scenario. Honestly if the bugs were fixed and the game were to have better controls it would be a 5 star game for me. Amazing!

I've never played a game and felt as though the developer purposely added obstacles to screw you up until now. Completely destroys any momentum you have going. Coupled with ridiculous challenges. Ex: Score an certain score 5x in a row in a game that gives you no control over the score. You guys should hand this game over to someone that knows what they're doing and then maybe it'll be playable. Superb!

Hey Ketchapp howzit got a glitch to tell you i know you fixed the part where you explode on the start. But now I keep starting and freezing my bike in mid air. I would test my time and I would float at the beginning and my ghost would keep going. I can restart but its annoying it happened to me twice I'm a row once. Other than that great game. Keep up the good work. Thx Marvelous

I really love this game, it never gets boring and is just simple enough that you can easily become a pro at it. Well done ketchapp Go well

I really like it. The thing that really frustrates me is that sometimes there's an invisible bump that kills me, the falling spikes are in sync when I die from them and revive. Level 16 also seems to be an error. It goes to level 25 or something! It's just that the level system might be broken. love it

Would give it 5 stars, but I find some things wrong. For example, sometimes, obstacles work, sometimes they don't. Some levels and obstacles are also just pure evil. At least, the game has decent graphics. But if you hate to die at 70 because of glitches (this is how I die 90% of the time), don't get this game. Else, it is a good time waster. Just wow

Love it. Only thing is there is a glitch when you watch an ad for 200 thingy things you get a menu that lets you get 200 more. Than again, than again. Its better on our side than yours but it would be a good fox so you have to earn them! I love all your games, wish I had all of them but I have limited storage! Not bad

Really annoyed now. I have paid (twice) for the ad free version but still get pestered with them and no response since reporting the issue. A pity because I love this very simply designed but addictive game. Would love to be able to save and replay some of my better runs to show my friends. Worth it!

This game would be great if it wasn't so laggy. Usually I would think it was an issue with phone storage or something, but I am on a new phone (note 8) and have only added a few apps in total. The game was smooth the first day or two but now the speed changes throughout play. The levels become impossible because the clock doesn't slow down even though the movement of the bike does. Great concept and design. Hopefully that can be figured out if it is an issue on their side. Perfect!

Very cool, fun, and minimalistic endless runner. Question- is there a difference in performance, speed, flips, ect between the various liteRides u can get. It seems to me that there is one, but it would be cool to know how or why in what way . I mean I don't want to bother you guys, so don't even feel bad when you reject my idea and then I end up getting divorced bc I was so rejected by life after you guys that it cost me everything. Awesome

I really enjoy the game. Mechanics are wonderful and it plays smoothly. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because there's an ad in the beginning when you first open it, and it's a bit delayed, so you click the start button, then the ad pops onto the screen and it takes you to the store page and that's really annoying. Brilliant

The game is great fun. I have been playing it for a few months and actually still play it. The only problem i seem to have with it. Is the laggish performance when i am connected to internet. The moment the internet is off then game runs more smoothly other than that. Still enjoy playing it. Though I must say it would be nice if there was a gem counter for each ride so i know how many I have collected. Otherwise great game Worth a go!

This is a absolutely amazing game! I love it so much I played it non stop for hours. There is one thing that bothers me, however. It's that every time I die a bit far off it offers me a free revive. Yes, there are useful a lot but sometimes I don't want to watch a video! So please, can you make a "skip revive" button or something? That'd be so useful! Well done!!

Great looking game, and good idea. I give it 4 stars because the tracks are not consistent. One time an obstical will work and the next run you hit an invisible bump and die. Also, a lot of the time it won't register your flips. These aren't huge bugs but considering the gameplay is based entirely upon these two premises, it makes the experience frustrating. Perfect

I consider myself a decent hardcore gamer. I mostly play Battlfield 1, Gwent and Bloodborne, but its nice to have a fun mobile game on your phone to pass the time in the "real" realm. In an ocean of mostly terrible mobile games, this one stood out the most. Fun, fast and challenging. Need I say more? Works great

This is a great game, very addicting and challenging to master. However, I have one complaint. There is a bug where you can be touching the screen and the vehicle won't drive/flip. This has ruined multiple good runs, and can happen at any time. It might just be my phone, but if you guys are able to fix this, I will easily rate five stars. Love this game, tho! Awesome

Unless you have 16 hrs a day to put into this game to learn the track you will never have a very high score. Sometimes your vehicle doesnt respond the same as other runs also you may land on your tail and survive and the next time you die its up and down with the control if you keep going or die. And sometimes it tries to flip when you try to take off resulting in a quick death Amazing!

It was good..... There was a problem with the game, After a while of playing it randomly tells me "Runtime error". I deleted the game and got it back and the same thing happened. It keeps happening!!! Other than that the game is good, by the way, i have an android galaxy tab A Plz help Well done!!

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